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  • A spin-off of DORA THE EXPLORER!?

    Not more of this crap. If Dora the explorer was not bad enough of a scar on the air. This junk comes on. Now I am so sick of nick makeing shows that make kids think life is so easy, it's not. Someday I hope to see this cancled man.
  • that is so Bad! Cancel!It!

    Why waz that born?!?!I so dont like it! if ur asking,i HATE it nobody wathes it!!!!!!!!i dont no WHY they relly made it! now i think im saying it Over and o v e r Again, every1 should Rate it 0 ZER0! i do not like it i dont even wanna hear bout it!Never will i watch it in a MILLION Years!

  • this show is dangerous

    I once knew a kid who went into the woods behind their house because a baby possum was crying. it bit him and he died... lol no .. but what if that did happen..
  • Why?????????????

    Seriously nick jr? Why do you have to create a spinoff series of Dora which is already a horrible show! Cancel this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What the heck did I just see

    the theme song is annoying and the show itself is just plain annoying I used to like this show but after I turned 8 or 9 I said this show stinks I don't understand the animal part and now Diego has his own backpack it's just like dora, ya I know theyre cousins so that makes them both annoying shows
  • Go back to your home!

    Yeah is it a good idea for children to go to the jungle themselves, talk to the wild animals?

    Plot: Diego, a wildlife scout, helps animals around and knows alot of animals. If he sees one animal in danger, he goes into the rescue.

    Characters: Almost same as Dora The Exploiter, the backpack talks back, but has a different purpose. It can transform. Also the animals. Most of these characters have a stupid nature in them. The Bobo Brothers? They are the counterpart of Swiper The Fox. But they stop it by saying freeze, and going away without fixing the problem. Argh.

    Value: Yeah, wildlife facts are the only good in here, but going into a jungle without a guardian is a bad thing. You want to see a child talking to a big lion? You want to see a kid stopping the monkey like a cop?

    Art: Good animation, but needs ALOT of improvement including removing those eyes from the inanimate objects. The animals, can keep it.

    Overall: -2. Bad education value plus more dangerous for the little kids' thoughts.
  • " Lets go on an adventure " Diego says. I say " NO! "

    There is a lot of things wrong with this show. I mean come on Diego is Doras cousin. There has to be. And i'll tell you why. 1: His adventures. Diego always go on at least 1 adventure every episode. How dangerous... no really, how dangerous! Diego takes a ride on so random zipline and then all these wild animals come out and scream " Go Diego go Diego go " etc. That is ear bleeding similar to the map from " Dora the "Brainless" Explorer!" ( As I call it. ) Then he goes into the forest or some dangerous location just to save the animal. Someone call his parents because he"s gonna get killed. 2: Education. I would say about 5% of it is educational because it gives real life facts about animals. Thats it. The rest is brainwashing, dumb adventures that teach absolutely nothing. Including the fact that Diego talks to wild animals which is one of the dumbest noneducational things on this show saying that if you talk to animals, they talk back. I thought that it said that it"s educational. Not a pinch of education. 3:The Bobo brothers. What kind of person would add these characters into the show!? All they do is bounce around stealing stuff for no reason. Thats it? Oh yeah and another reason why this pair of brothers are so dumb is that whenever Diego says " Freeze Bobos! " 3 three times ( I think ) like a police officer, they freeze and say " Oops! " and then they ran away like they had nothing to do with it. Dumb, dumb, dumb. 4: Similarities to Dora the Explorer. One thing that is easy to see about this show is that it's similar to Dora in some ways. That makes it dumb because its like some reasons from hating Dora go onto Diego. The Bobos are like Swiper. Diego goes on an adventure to rescue friends like Dora does sometimes. And like how Dora collects stars, Diego collects pictures of animals.The spanish education is kind of the same. And they both ask stupid question such as " Where is the cave? " then make that stupid five second pause, well, i'm not exactly sure if they both do those things. Onto number five. 5: They live in an unexpected location. A treehouse in the forest without parents. What!? Thats like Dora. They both never have parental permission or supervision but with Diego living inside a treehouse with Alicia and a jaguar in the forest is not safe at all. Also, it makes the show worse. If you want to, please read my Dora review so you know what i'm saying. I really don't want to know if they live there because in most of the episodes, they're in the treehouse or extremely close to it. One of the final reasons I hate it is this. 6: Baby Jaguar. I don't really hate Baby Jaguar, I just hate how Diego has a baby jaguar. So Diego finds it in the "FOREST" and takes it or something like that. I'm not really sure if that happened because I don't really watch it. I only watched it so I can get information for this review. However if he did take it, i'm sure that if in real life, its parents would kill him they just have to find him.And all that it is a wild animal and Diego shouldn't be having it because he doesn't have all the food and water Baby Jaguar needs probably. I mean like what if they run out of that stuff? Although you can find more food or water in forests. These are all reasons I hate " Go Diego Go" and i'll see if I can make another review on a different show. Thanks and bye.
  • Go, Diego, go away and never come back!

    When you first see Go, Diego, Go! there is a question to be asked. Why? Seriously, why? Dora the Explorer was already bad enough with its bad songs, constant use of Spanish words, and stupid pauses about where to go next, even though it's so obvious. So why did it need another show based on her cousin? The show is about Dora's cousin named Diego who goes around saving animals. He is assisted by his sister, Alicia, and a jaguar. To make matters worse, Dora makes an appearance on the show every now and then. The show is basically the same as Dora. It has terrible songs that will make your ears bleed, the artwork and animation is similar, and it still has that awkward pause. Now to be fair, the show actually does a decent job of teaching kids about animals and is the only real educational value in this show. The show still uses Spanish words which is pointless since unless your kid is a genius, your kid won't understand the Spanish words at all. The stories are absurd. One episode involved moving the moon and fixing it and it can talk. What's that supposed to teach kids? That the moon is very small, it can be fixed like a puzzle, and it can talk? There is virtually no joy in Go, Diego, Go! and even though this show is made for kids, it's still just terrible. The only thing that Diego should go do is to go away. If you see this on TV, get your kids away from this show and go as far away as possible from this pitiful mess of a show.
  • It should be called 'Run, Diego, Run.'

    This. Show. Sucks. Eggs. That's it. It has no educational merit other than the fact that it sucks, and it teaches future teachers what NOT to teach their class. Baby Jaguar is supposed to be a sidekick, but where is he half the time Diego is out on adventures? Speaking of which, didn't Diego have a sister? Where'd she go? It's like the dreadful Steve rumor that circulated when Joe took over on Blue's Clues, except nobody replaced Alicia--in fact, no one knew who she even was. If only Blue's Clues would come back and put heart back into kid shows again...but, that era has passed us by...too bad we were too engrossed in it to see that...
  • WTF is this?????

    This was one of the worst and boring shows I have ever seen. This just about a boy name Diego thats just saves animals. Nothing really happens, the animals need help and Diego saves them, thats it. I cant beileve Im saying this but I rather watch Dora the explorer than this piece of garbage. The chararters are stupid, all the episodes are boring, and all the plots are terrible. Please someone cancel this show right now. This show doesnt deserve to be on the air anymore. The voices is the worst thing in the whole show, it just hurts my ears badly. I hope this show gets cancel soon and fast.
  • Take... it... away...

    Seriously, It sucks, alot! This show needs to be taken off the air. I see commercials for the play type thing, and I have to say "Hi kids, its me, Diego. Don't mind the 5 o'clock shadow and the shaving cuts, I'm really a kid, just like you." They do a really bad job at everything on the show. The show was meant to support an already sucking show on nick jr. and it still hasn't managed to do that, if anything, it has made it worse. Just take it off the air and let everyone forget it ever existed. EVER!


    Sonic80 - Go, Diego, Go!
  • Worse than Dora!

    This show is a spin-off of Dora the Explorer! Go, Diego, Go is about Diego who is Dora cousin.Diego saves animals who really don't need saved! Like the penguin who couldn't get to his class! What ever a penguin is smarter than that! Dora the Explorer is way better than this rip-off of a spin-off! I suggest watching Dora the Explorer if u must watch either one of them!
  • What the did they do to the show, I was actaully learning spanish at the beginning.

    Why did they add a boy to the show, that just makes it look stupid. I mean the girl and the monkey, also that fox I can accept but the boy? Were they that f*ckin desperate? Also it doesnt really teach you some false spanish, just the word 'Cake' in in that show means O shiizl ghizengar bbbbbbbbbbbbbttttttttttttt. I mean really I used to like to watch that show in the morning, even thats was the only kids show that I liked compared to that drug addicted barney and those emo teletubbies. So anyways its going downhill, so if I could do something about the show.. kill the boy and the false spanish.
  • My god kids learn rap at a young age.

    The theme song is like rap. The only reason I watch this show is because of baby jaguar(which is really a tiger or a lepord or something). I hate him his soooooooooo annoying. If you cant stand Dora you cant stand him. I hate him along with his cousin. I hate you Diego HATE YOU. Im telling you he comes from the pits of HELL!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avoid this show to save your sanity...

    First we had Dora...Now we have this...
    Ugh! This show is a complete ripp-off of "Miami Animal cops" It's trying too make Kids think that life is really easy, but its not! Catching injured Animals is a serious thing and not all just fun and games like Diego trys to make it...and when Baby Jaguar (Diego's animal partner) grows up, he's gonna ripp Diego up into shreds and I'll be waiting...
  • Yes, Diego, Go! Go, and for God's sake, don't come back!

    Okay, I'll begin this review with a wee little question: How come the brainless pork-farts at Nick deem it necessary to create a spin-off of such a useless show?! It baffles me!

    G,D,G is about Dora's ****ing animal-loving (not in a gross way) cousin named Diego. Diego has a friend, I don't know her name because I don't give two crapcakes about it. Diego saves animals, but not from abusive and crazy owners like Animal Planet's "Miami Animal Cops", and other spin-offs of the same channel. He saves them from dumb crap. He finds a bird with an injured wing in one episode. Forgive me if I step out of line here, but if you're a grown-@$$ bird who has flown all it's life and runs into a tree, damaging it's wing, the bird ****ing deserves to suffer for it more than it did. What kind of stupid pigeon runs head-the-hell-first into a tree? If I've already forgotten the episode and it wasn't a tree that did it, I apologize in advance. But that doesn't save the show one bit.

    This show is exactly like "Dora", add some animals, slightly different characters, different tech, and take away the freaking monkey and add a baby Jaguar, and you're set. That's the only reason I gave this a higher score than Dora is because they got rid of Boots. I prefer the cat a lot better. This also has something Dora has: repetitive songs that are not catchy in the least. I won't post them, I refuse to go to the trouble.

    This is just Dora the Explorer tweaked a bit. Don't torture yourself by watching.
  • Crap that needs to burn.

    It's a little better ,but like Dora this show needs to burn.
  • Same thing as Dora. Do not watch this show.

    This show is like reviewing the same thing as Dora. with major changes. It has the same Flaws. (With the exception of Swiper, no swiping) 15/100 Horrible.
  • One of the worst shows it ever made.

    Diego helps save animals from stuff.I don't even like this show.It's worse than Dora the Explorer and it well didn't do better than that show.The stupidest thing about this show is that the moon broke and Diego saved it.You can't save the moon and do know how many inches were the moon in this show?!It was small and that is not the size of the moon.The moon could never break because it's really big and if it could fall into the ocean,it could make a really big tidal wave.This show is really bad of what it has done and it's stupid.
  • All because Dora was getting a bigger & brighter cast on this show. But that's not only the reason why this show is a downfall to the creators of Dora The Explorer...

    This was because some of the elements were although changed in this show to have young Boys feel the need of learning about animals. Too bad that they don't know that this is just like the score of Dora The Explorer. I thought this was better then Dora The Explorer but I found that things weren't really what I expected. What we have is Diego in his adventures saving animals around the world and the first thing wrong within the differences of Diego on Dora and on his show that the voices are changed which is just like a younger type of acting then what Diego used to had which was having that much manly like voice which is because he is although a cousin he is older then Dora. But anyways , the show then follows within the third show to have " Choose Helper " formula. It also has the same things as Dora. We have the Monkey Brothers who are villians while Swiper is too and at least alot more. Now there's some differences and its not just the same boring thing we have to suffer through from Dora but this is a bad show depending on the other infomation. This show uses some technology at the beginning and through the show which are from a chameleon like Backpack to a Computer Map to track in the animals deep upon the different worlds. This show also uses the first formula of " Animal Languange " which is however annoying and more annoying then what how many characters would appear in Dora The Explorer. Outrageously overall this was all going downhill after all and I should also see more education between the animals but this is .5 higher then Dora which means this is a reason why the overall score is 1.5 out of 10.0
  • A little better than Dora, but still bad

    I liked the idea of a kids show teaching about animal culture, but it's executed badly. Being factually incorrect and being repetitive. Sure Diego can talk to animals, but you know what show that's better and has a character that can do that too? THE WILD THORNBERRYS, HELLO?
  • Dangerous, Filled With Incorrect Facts, and as Bad as Dora.

    Just like Diego's cousin, his parents got their . Residency cards confiscated, the plots repeat and make no sense, feeds kids bad information, and is filled with profanity. Diego always comes up to a wild animal like he's not going to startle it and get bitten or scratched. In real life, you'd get ripped to shreds. No joke. What I mean by the plots making no sense is in one episode, a star blows up the moon into chunks, and drowns in the Gulf of Mexico(my educational guess, after all, this show is based about Mexican citizens). Nothing else to say, really, it's just equally as bad as Dora the Explorer.
  • Hated this as a little kid

    Before we jump into ANYTHING, I wanna point something out: This show tries to teach children about animals, but the character Diego can 'talk' to animals, okay? Well that's harmless, seeing as talking to animals is an actual ability [I can ._.], but this, like, 8 year old kid walks up to these animals, make it seem like if a little kid did that, the fox or whatever isn't going to get startled and scratch/bite/whatever.

    Okay rant over...
  • Horriflying and annoying

    What the hell is this the jungle version of Dora.I hate this show alot and now all thanks to this and Dora everyone is copying Dora and this so thanks alot for ruining our childhood Dora and that Alicia who the hell is she?So 1st Dora,then Go Diego Go and what's next The adventures of Boots the monkey.This needs to go
  • What...the...****...is...this?

    Ok. Dora is a good show for kids (as foretold in my Dora the Explorer), but this show is just...BLAH!! I hope Diego gets attacked by an animal & dies. He deserves it. Or at least get crushed by a huge boulder or something. I really don't care. He just needs to go away & die. This show is SO bad!

    BOO! BOO! i give it two thumbs DOWN! boo! Whoever thought of this, is completely idiotic, i mean, who would wanna watch some big eyed nerdy little guy on tv asking us so dumb, obvious, but mostly, dumb questions? Not me or anyone else! You suck! even Dora is sick of Diego!
  • A much unneeded Dora the Explorer spin-off.

    Was this show even necessary? Go, Diego, Go is the exact same thing Dora the Explorer is. The writers try to be creative by giving it a little animal flavor to it. Instead of going on littlw journeys like Dora, Diego goes out to save animals. And that's about it. It's the same old, same old. The only purpose I think there is behind this show is to appeal to boys. But other than that everything else is just a rip off of Dora. I would give it a 4, but minus 1 for the lack of Boots.
  • ...

    Ok, this is my 3rd improvement of my previous review because I realized my previous review was not fully understand. I hope you can understand my improve review this time. Ok here goes.

    Go, Diego, Go is a worst Dora The Explorer spin-off ever like, it is now teaching kids to rescue animals? Oh boy what a stupid show.

    It's all about Dora's cousin named Diego, a SO-CALLED Hispanic boy, he had a long haired brown girl which is forgot her named. Then he also had a pet excite baby Jaguar. They go boring rescuing adventures, Dora was now a recurring character in the show. That's it.

    The same as Dora, I don't like the plot.

    There quite ok.

    Educational Value:
    The same as Dora did, it teaches kids to speak Spanish. Then it also teaches kids to rescue animals in a Tarzan style.

    Voice Acting and Dialogue:
    Like Dora, the dialogue was quite childish the voice acting, once again good.

    Overall: still BAD!!!
    This show is just another childish show. It's also lowers children IQ. I can still recommend you should watch Blue's Clues.
  • Barely better than Dora, but I don't think that its good.

    This show is bad, but at least its an improvement. It acts like Dora, but at least Diego does SOMETHING. Needs work, though. The sister does almost nothing. She just tells Diego what to do and that's it. though I'm glad they got rid of Boots, Baby Jaguar is no improvement. I can't even call him a sidekick. There's no Map or Backpack, but to replace them, they combine them into a Latino poser, Rescue Pack. He can't even rap good, and that's just sickening and PATHETIC. The animals get into possible but stupid position. Also they need to work on what they say when a preadator comes where the rescued animal is or when an animal cant do anything eg. chinchillas are afraid of pumas and chinchillas don't swim. Shouldnt it be, Pumas eat chinchillas and chinchillas can't swim? What's up with the repetitive songs? they hurt my ears. Overall, this show needs to work on everything to be considered a show.
  • Nick is trying to kill our children with this show!

    Dora is ok, annoying perhaps, but it is at least educational and harmless. Diego on the other hand is actively dangerous in it's message. The writers have obviously never been closer to a real animal than Wikipedia. Between Rescue Pack allowing Diego to use incredibly dangerous vehicles, like a hangglider and waterski completely unsupervised, and actively encouraging children to "save" wild animals on thier own, Diego seems to be trying to kill our children.
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