Go, Diego, Go!

Weekdays 10:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Sep 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Yes, Diego, Go! Go, and for God's sake, don't come back!

    Okay, I'll begin this review with a wee little question: How come the brainless pork-farts at Nick deem it necessary to create a spin-off of such a useless show?! It baffles me!

    G,D,G is about Dora's ****ing animal-loving (not in a gross way) cousin named Diego. Diego has a friend, I don't know her name because I don't give two crapcakes about it. Diego saves animals, but not from abusive and crazy owners like Animal Planet's "Miami Animal Cops", and other spin-offs of the same channel. He saves them from dumb crap. He finds a bird with an injured wing in one episode. Forgive me if I step out of line here, but if you're a grown-@$$ bird who has flown all it's life and runs into a tree, damaging it's wing, the bird ****ing deserves to suffer for it more than it did. What kind of stupid pigeon runs head-the-hell-first into a tree? If I've already forgotten the episode and it wasn't a tree that did it, I apologize in advance. But that doesn't save the show one bit.

    This show is exactly like "Dora", add some animals, slightly different characters, different tech, and take away the freaking monkey and add a baby Jaguar, and you're set. That's the only reason I gave this a higher score than Dora is because they got rid of Boots. I prefer the cat a lot better. This also has something Dora has: repetitive songs that are not catchy in the least. I won't post them, I refuse to go to the trouble.

    This is just Dora the Explorer tweaked a bit. Don't torture yourself by watching.