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Go, Diego, Go!

Weekdays 10:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Sep 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • An absolute hit of a show, nothing could touch this.

    The way Go Diego Go has settled into my life is through my 8 year old nephew, who has Asperger's Syndrome (a mild form of autism). He has little in the way of social skil, but Diego has dragged him out of his shell communication-wise. Diego and Baby Jaguar have introduced a new breed of show to kids in the 21st century - the eco-show. Teaching children about nature, wildlife and such is not a bad thing, and combining it with a smattering of Spanish in a country where a heck of a lot of the people who live there use spanish as a first language has gotta be good.

    I know it has a lot of similarities to the format of Dora the Explorer (each has someone or something in trouble, each has 3 tasks to do before they complete it and sort out the problem, each has a normally inanimate object for a helper (map & rescue pack)) but you just got to look at this and realise that it is doing good.

    I have kids round my way who went out picking up litter from a local park "because Diego does it" and it "keeps the place clean for the animals". This show is in no way stupid, or patronising to kids, especially to its target age group, and when a child like my nephew will react positively to Diego as a role model and communicate with him, that is only pointing to doing good.

    I'm sorry for all those of you who don't like Diego and his adventures, but remember, you probably aren't kids, and you probably aren't seeing this from a child's perspective. Having been a teacher for 9 years, I am seeing kids influenced and learning from this show, and where the parents don't always get it right, a role character that children can like, respect and learn from is a blessing for all of us.
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