Go, Diego, Go!

Weekdays 10:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Sep 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Go, Diego, go away and never come back!

    When you first see Go, Diego, Go! there is a question to be asked. Why? Seriously, why? Dora the Explorer was already bad enough with its bad songs, constant use of Spanish words, and stupid pauses about where to go next, even though it's so obvious. So why did it need another show based on her cousin? The show is about Dora's cousin named Diego who goes around saving animals. He is assisted by his sister, Alicia, and a jaguar. To make matters worse, Dora makes an appearance on the show every now and then. The show is basically the same as Dora. It has terrible songs that will make your ears bleed, the artwork and animation is similar, and it still has that awkward pause. Now to be fair, the show actually does a decent job of teaching kids about animals and is the only real educational value in this show. The show still uses Spanish words which is pointless since unless your kid is a genius, your kid won't understand the Spanish words at all. The stories are absurd. One episode involved moving the moon and fixing it and it can talk. What's that supposed to teach kids? That the moon is very small, it can be fixed like a puzzle, and it can talk? There is virtually no joy in Go, Diego, Go! and even though this show is made for kids, it's still just terrible. The only thing that Diego should go do is to go away. If you see this on TV, get your kids away from this show and go as far away as possible from this pitiful mess of a show.
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