Go, Diego, Go!

Weekdays 10:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Sep 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • " Lets go on an adventure " Diego says. I say " NO! "

    There is a lot of things wrong with this show. I mean come on Diego is Doras cousin. There has to be. And i'll tell you why. 1: His adventures. Diego always go on at least 1 adventure every episode. How dangerous... no really, how dangerous! Diego takes a ride on so random zipline and then all these wild animals come out and scream " Go Diego go Diego go " etc. That is ear bleeding similar to the map from " Dora the "Brainless" Explorer!" ( As I call it. ) Then he goes into the forest or some dangerous location just to save the animal. Someone call his parents because he"s gonna get killed. 2: Education. I would say about 5% of it is educational because it gives real life facts about animals. Thats it. The rest is brainwashing, dumb adventures that teach absolutely nothing. Including the fact that Diego talks to wild animals which is one of the dumbest noneducational things on this show saying that if you talk to animals, they talk back. I thought that it said that it"s educational. Not a pinch of education. 3:The Bobo brothers. What kind of person would add these characters into the show!? All they do is bounce around stealing stuff for no reason. Thats it? Oh yeah and another reason why this pair of brothers are so dumb is that whenever Diego says " Freeze Bobos! " 3 three times ( I think ) like a police officer, they freeze and say " Oops! " and then they ran away like they had nothing to do with it. Dumb, dumb, dumb. 4: Similarities to Dora the Explorer. One thing that is easy to see about this show is that it's similar to Dora in some ways. That makes it dumb because its like some reasons from hating Dora go onto Diego. The Bobos are like Swiper. Diego goes on an adventure to rescue friends like Dora does sometimes. And like how Dora collects stars, Diego collects pictures of animals.The spanish education is kind of the same. And they both ask stupid question such as " Where is the cave? " then make that stupid five second pause, well, i'm not exactly sure if they both do those things. Onto number five. 5: They live in an unexpected location. A treehouse in the forest without parents. What!? Thats like Dora. They both never have parental permission or supervision but with Diego living inside a treehouse with Alicia and a jaguar in the forest is not safe at all. Also, it makes the show worse. If you want to, please read my Dora review so you know what i'm saying. I really don't want to know if they live there because in most of the episodes, they're in the treehouse or extremely close to it. One of the final reasons I hate it is this. 6: Baby Jaguar. I don't really hate Baby Jaguar, I just hate how Diego has a baby jaguar. So Diego finds it in the "FOREST" and takes it or something like that. I'm not really sure if that happened because I don't really watch it. I only watched it so I can get information for this review. However if he did take it, i'm sure that if in real life, its parents would kill him they just have to find him.And all that it is a wild animal and Diego shouldn't be having it because he doesn't have all the food and water Baby Jaguar needs probably. I mean like what if they run out of that stuff? Although you can find more food or water in forests. These are all reasons I hate " Go Diego Go" and i'll see if I can make another review on a different show. Thanks and bye.
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