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Go Lion

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Go Lion is the anime series that joins five space pilots who return to Earth to find it in shambles after a thermonuclear war. The year is 1999, and the planet Altea is taken over by the Galra Empire. The five space pilots, nicknamed Chief, Quiet, Moody, Hothead, and Shorty return to Earth to find it destroyed. Chief, Akira Kogane is the leader of their team, a strategic thinker. Quiet, Takashi Shirogane, is the second in command. Moody, Isamu Kurogane, is the tall and wiry jokester. Hothead, Tsuyoshi Seido, is the tough strongman of the group who has a soft heart. When the explorers are captured, they are taken to Emperor Daibazaal's arena where they are forced to fight. Finally they escape and travel to the planet Altea, where they find the secret robot Go Lion, a mighty sentient machine that is the only thing that can stop the evil Emperor Daibazaal. In the past Go Lion challenged a goddess to a battle, and was banished to the planet in five lion robot pieces, to wait for the day where he would be awakened to fight again. Now the Go Lion team is in control of the five robots, and on the hunt for Emperor Daibazaal in the anime series Go Lion.moreless

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AIRED ON 11/12/2010

Season 1 : Episode 52

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