Go On

Season 1 Episode 7

Any Given Birthday

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 23, 2012 on NBC

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  • They made me laugh and cry at the same time

    This show has been getting better each episode, I am falling in love with the cast.

    This episode was a try from his support group to make his birthday a little bit fun to make him forget his wife's loss, It was so funny.

    The scene where they bring his dead wife, is so sad...

    Mathew perry is back and stronger than ever
  • As far as comedy goes, this was a near perfect episode

    Typically people tend to reserve those 10.0 scores for season finales and such, but when it comes to comedy it's really hard for me to say: "Wow, that was a perfect episode!" But this kinda was.. Up till now I've known that Go On was promising and had a sort of a niche humor, but this episode just reaffirmed that ten fold.

    Any Given Birthday was witty, fun, and even emotional. I laughed _several_ times, which is rare nowadays as most comedies are just idiotic.
  • A Birthday, A Scavenger Hunt, and Something Planned by Janie months ago means A Great Episode!

    Well this was great! I don't even know what to say about this episode... It is one of the best episodes of this show! Another 9/10 for Go On!

    It was so funny how Janie planned this big thing before she died, because it has been months! (It has to have been at least three months now). And then when the group tried to cover it up, so funny!

    The best part of this episode though was Sonia and Steven. They were so funny!

    This is an amazing episode of an amazing show!
  • Any Given Birthday

    I watched the episode with someone and it was probably the worst way to introduce them to this show as it had to be the least funny installment yet. It did not feature a very good story either, so the emotional element was absent as well.

    Just can't give this episode high marks.