Go On

Season 1 Episode 6

Big League Chew

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 09, 2012 on NBC

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  • Great Stuff and Bad Stuff

    The greif eating plot, I believed, really sucked.

    Though, the Lauren plot was fantastic! It was hilarious when they are going by catergory finding things our about her.
  • Big League Chew

    Normally I am not interested in the rest of the group on this show, but I thought they all played their parts well, some even had a few funny lines. I thought Lauren's performance stood out as I really liked the direction they took with the character and where she is going now.

    Another well-written show. Sadly, this may be the highlight of the NBC schedule these days.
  • Funny and sweet

    This episode was funny and sweet and showed perfectly why I watch the show. There are definitely some funny lough-out-loud moments as well as some sweet ones. I like the whole group therapy thing with all the weird yet loveable characters. Also, I'm very happy that Go On received a full season pick-up!