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Season 1 Episode 9

Dinner Takes All

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Nov 20, 2012 on NBC

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  • Great, Though Not the Greatest

    This was a very entertaining episode with Owen's mom and the competition between Ryan and Stephen. There were many great moments, but aside from the great moments and great characters it needs to be funnier. We just need some more jokes in this episode.
  • Dinner Takes All

    Mr. K had some funny lines and the drinking game in the bar was funny, but for the most part this was another mediocre episode of the show. It's different from most comedies on network TV which is why I continue to watch, but it needs to get funnier.

    Too many jokes every show just do not work.
  • Limbo

    After watching the episode and then re-watching it-- I have a love-hate relationship with the episode "Dinner Takes All". There are many hilarious gags, in this episode (Electric Night, to begin with) but the plot is more story-oriented than laugh driven. The problem is, Dinner Takes All was mediocre in this respect. I ended up not caring at all about Lauren Graham's character. However, we did see another side of Steven and more and more I feel that the relationship between Steven and Ryan has great potential. My favorite line was definitely Mr. K saying "I wished them a sensual walk. And I have a wish coming to me." Mr. K is just too good.