Go On

Season 1 Episode 19

Go for the Gold Watch

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Mar 19, 2013 on NBC

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  • Fantastic Episode! (Best So Far)

    This has been the best "Go On" episode so far! So many hilarious moments in the plot with Anne, Owen, and Yolanda as they try to figure out what is up with Mr. K! And then the minor part with Lauren makes me think that in the season finale she will break up with Wyatt. Maybe run away like Rachel and Barry on Friends? And then the plot with Ryan, Sonia, and Danny had some great funny and serious moments. Though what could have been better was if this romance had been built up all season long instead of being explored in a couple of episodes. Anyway, still a fantastic episode!
  • Go For The Gold Watch

    Despite focusing on the secondary characters of Danny and Sonia the episode was actually not that bad. Liked the return of Terrell Owens, and I think more relationship issues, usually the things that ruin sitcoms, could strangely be what this show needs.
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