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  • i wanna see season 2

    love the show. NBC sucks
  • I actually miss Go On

    Too bad this show was canceled. Perry was great in it.
  • Disappointed

    Shame this has been cancelled. Good show, great cast, great characters. Thought this would have survived aleast another season.

    -Well after seeing the new comedies (4 episodes in) for this coming winter im even more disappointed that this is no longer around.
  • Not a smart move from NBC to cancel it!

    Its been a while since we had that number of comedy shows that we are willing to watch and actually laugh while watching, and Go on was one of them and NBC wasn't that smart with canceling it.

    The rating of show's episodes last year was quite impressive with average of 8. The cast was great and funny all over the season and I'm really sad to see it come to an end.
  • Horrible

    Horrible show starting from episode 1. Showrunners relied too much on Matthew Perry's skills to play a character and scripts that were beyond stupid. There was not even a single one-liner to rescue out of the whole mess. Don't blame NBC on this one, the show was awuful. At least the actors got a good paycheck.

    ADD: What a shame this got cancelled. And here another great show that never got a chance.... dejavu "Lie to me"

    this is without a doubt one of the best new tv shows. there is no boring episode, the character development is one of the finest in tv history and you get it all: laughing, crying, comedy and drama.

    thanks goes out to the whole crew of this show.

    hope this one stays on for a long time.
  • So Disappointed

    I am sad this is cancelled. I really enjoyed this show,
  • Really good.

    This show has mixed reviews, and I've seen a lot of people moan about the drama that is involved because they don't get to laugh enough. May I just say that this show does make you laugh but it also makes you feel for the characters involved. You can see the characters develop and evolve as the show progresses and that is what a successful television show should be about.

    If you want 100% comedy, then this is not the show for you, however if you want a show that's 60% comedy and 40% drama, then look no further. As the show moves on, you find yourself attached to the characters and I feel this show has great potential if it can move forward and hit a second season.

    The acting is pretty good in my opinion and the plot is original, the characters are original and everyone loves a bit of Mathew Perry. I'm a huge Friends fan and I haven't really liked any of Mathew's other work but this show has hit the nail on the head. It's great and thoroughly enjoyable.

    If you want to laugh, cry, and have fun, then this is the show for you. In my opinion, this is Mathews best work since Friends.
  • Original Concept, and Awesome Cast including Matthew Perry

    This show's concept is very unique. A unique concept, especially one like this, can turn out not-so-well. This was really good.

    Also, this show is fairly consistant with how good episodes are. There have been very few bad episodes.

    The best part of this show, though, is the cast/characters. Such a variety of characters, and all played very well. Also, Matthew Perry is amazing, which makes this great show even better!

    The first season of this show ended well, and I am excited for a season two that I hope and think will happen.

    BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matthew Perry's show is a bit more interesting than Courtney Cox's Cougar town.. But it's still tiring with everyone's drama!!!! We need shows to laugh and forget ourselves!!!

    After the fail of Mr . Sunshine i didn't expect much even tho he is my best all time comedian. BUT Go-On really surprised me! It is hilarious! it makes me remember the good old Friends times which he made me cry from laughter. Thank you for this amazing show Mathew, Thank you!
  • AMAZING SHOW! Yay, Matthew Perry!

    Loved the pilot, can't wait for next episode!!!
  • Must watch

    Mathew Perry is back!
  • fun to watch

    hope it goes on
  • Go on music

    Listen for this great song that will be in episode 13 airing tonight. It's called "laurel canyon" by Shawn Lee. It plays when Ryan takes Hannah on a date at the restaurant. You can find it at

  • A clever and sweet show.

    I love this show. Period, enough said.
  • Much Better than Mathew's Recent Work

    I was a little put off by Mathew Perry's previous show, and to be honest was not very excited about this show when it was first announced. I decided to give it a shot and after the first two episodes I am starting to like this show a lot. It's a light and simple comedy that has some nice laughs, writing is pretty good and the characters are unique and funny. It's not something out of this world but it's a nice solid show. Looking forward to the remaining 13 Episodes and hopefully more.
  • Go on watch it! Watch Go ON

    I think we all have a comfort zone of watching programs we like and sometimes it feels like a risk to branch out.

    I've liked Mathew Perry's work in the past but a few few poor appearances turned me off... and it's almost as if there just had to be the "right combination" to see his good work again.

    Regularly reading this site and sometimes commenting I came across the reviews of the show and finally decided to take some time out and locate the first few shows (a bit of catch-up required) to see how it started and developed.

    What a pleasant surprise!

    The first show was a lot stronger than most first comedic showcases and the writers have managed to continue to develop the show and the characters. So - to those others out there like me who were/are on the fence about "another new comedy" (and of course so many of these shows don't make it) then I advise you to give this show a go and think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Breather

    I was a little skeptical at first because I grew up watching Matthew Perry as Chandler and that's pretty much it but Ryan King is like Chandler a little sarcastic, funny and I guess that's what made Go on a fun and a breath of fresh air. I love the chemistry between the 'crazy group' and even though I'm still seeing the character Lauren as miscast but the harmony and the antics of the looney bunch make up for it. The show is touching and funny but most of a ll it's not just laughter out of slap but a feel-good approach that shows it has a heart, a tender spot for people who just feel lost after a tragedy and needed to connect with others... possibly sometimes even crazier than they already are.
  • Hilarious

    I have missed Matthew Perry since friends has ended and now he is back with a great and hilarious show. This show makes me laugh every episode and it has heart and comedy and that is what makes a show good. Now i can watch 4 actors from friends in their own shows and rachel in the movies, Matthew has Go On, Courtney has Cougar Town which you should give it a try (its hilarious), Matt has Episodes (good but not so much), and Phoebe has Web Therapy (which is boring but i watch when i dont have anything to do).
  • That header picture is weird because

    that black guy isn't even on the show O_O haha but it's a good show
  • It Just Keeps Getting Better

    Go On was a good show at the pilot stage-- "March Sadness" was an innovative and no nonsense exposition method. The show then proceeded to experiment with various in-show relationships. Some were, if you will, weak. Some, like Danny's Harborville storyline showed hints of comedic promise. The two most recent episodes, however (Any Given Birthday, Videogame...) have capitalized on the shows biggest assets-- Matthew Perry, John Cho and Tyler James Williams. Go On has the chance to become NBC's biggest single cam hit since The Office and My Name is Earl.
  • Matthew Perry is back

    First when I watched the show, I was so impressed of how they could join both comedy and drama, it is so funny yet so sad.

    The idea is great, and the chemistry between the actors is great as well.

    The choice of each actor in the support group and the way Ryan blends in with them supported by the great writing is what makes it a hell of a show.

    I am happy to watch this show and I will support it to get more seasons.
  • Love the cast...really love the show

    the casting is perfect and the writing is great...they are really doing a good job on keeping the balance between the comedy and the drama...must watch for those who love comedies such as modern family =)
  • Comedy with some extreme potential.

    I went in rather suspicious of this show. I love Matthew Perry but the premise did not sound all that interesting (dead wife is such a clich, though more in drama than comedy) so I checked it only because the other new comedies of the season hadn't interested me.

    What I found in Go On was an extremely charming and better yet funny sitcom with instantly recognizable yet very real characters. There's an undercurrent of drama in all of these goofily damaged characters but thankfully most of the jokes have heart, and don't end up insulting their grief. Perry is a powerhouse - the main character could come off as a horrible egomaniac but Perry makes him likable, relatable and so quick-witted you cannot help but like him.

    John Cho is an absolute show-stealer, and I hope they find a way to utilize his character more in future episodes. His comic timing is impeccable, and he complements the cast.

    What with some comedies getting flack for having token characters-of-color, this show does really well with showcasing America as it is; different people from different backgrounds, different races, coming together and finding much in common. It's a joy to watch!
  • loved it!

    so far 'Go On' has been brilliant for me! i absolutely love matthew perry due to 'Friends' and watching this, i could see bits of chandler bing who i love! hope it lasts a fair few seasons!
  • The concept is great!

    So far I liked it a lot, and I'm not easily won-over by comedy shows. But Matthew Perry really shines in this role and I love the surrounding cast as well as the whole premise of it. It's got some energy as well.

    I think this show is poised to become a hit and bring some viewers back to NBC, which is precisely what they need pending the eventual demise of The Office and 30 Rock.

    As for now I can't wait to see episode two and what's in store for the rest of the season!
  • A Recipe of Success

    This show is absolutely brilliant; it has the right amount of laugh out loud moments as it does heartfelt speeches. Four episodes in and I am already a die-hard fan!!!! I love all the characters and enjoy every second. A great sense of humour that will go far if it keep this up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just started watching the show. Its beautiful.

    I just started watching the show. Its beautiful. 1:23 AM :) I really like this show.
  • Go On is both heartfelt and hilarious.

    After having watched the first three episodes of Go On, I kind of love it. This may be the only comedy I'll be watching from this year's batch of new shows.

    The show is based around Ryan King (Matthew Perry), who after having lost his wife in a car accident, is told by his boss to seek therapy at a support group for life change.

    One of the best things I can say for Go On (albeit only three episodes in) is that there isn't a weak link in the rest of the cast. In most comedies, I usually encounter at least one supporting character that either irritates me or bores me. Of the many supporting characters in Go On -- from Steven and Carrie at Ryan's workplace, to the nine members of his support group -- I like them all.

    Of course, as much as I enjoy all of them, the show is lead by Matthew Perry, who does a wonderful job of being both sincere and hilarious.

    Even after just three episodes, Go On is already one of my favorite comedies on TV.
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