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    With the disturbing lack of laughter in network comedies of late, Go On brings a different angle to the genre. The overall premise is not funny - the main character, Ryan King is trying to cope with the loss of his wife and just might be able to do so with the help of a cooky group of characters in a support group.

    Death doesn't typically make the most funny of topics (perhaps I'm a bit biased as I lost my husband 7 months ago), but writing does a good job of balancing the humor in the craziness around you when this type of tragedy strikes and the grief you feel as you are trying to cope.

    From personal experience I can tell you that you do come upon myriad weird-o folks in support groups. Many are perfectly normal, but there is often the one person, like the one who wants to talk all the time or the one who wants her sitution to be worse than yours so people pitty her more. I've seen it personally, and believe that the writers must've been in my support group. But most importantly, they are helpful just like Ryan King is finding his group to be.

    Although every fiber of your being may be saying that you don't want to be depressed, trust me, you won't be. This show is funny and lighthearted. A surprise fun watch for me.
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