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Go On

NBC (ended 2013)



User Score: 209


Go On Fan Reviews (47)

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  • Comedy with some extreme potential.

    I went in rather suspicious of this show. I love Matthew Perry but the premise did not sound all that interesting (dead wife is such a clich, though more in drama than comedy) so I checked it only because the other new comedies of the season hadn't interested me.

    What I found in Go On was an extremely charming and better yet funny sitcom with instantly recognizable yet very real characters. There's an undercurrent of drama in all of these goofily damaged characters but thankfully most of the jokes have heart, and don't end up insulting their grief. Perry is a powerhouse - the main character could come off as a horrible egomaniac but Perry makes him likable, relatable and so quick-witted you cannot help but like him.

    John Cho is an absolute show-stealer, and I hope they find a way to utilize his character more in future episodes. His comic timing is impeccable, and he complements the cast.

    What with some comedies getting flack for having token characters-of-color, this show does really well with showcasing America as it is; different people from different backgrounds, different races, coming together and finding much in common. It's a joy to watch!
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