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  • Go on watch it! Watch Go ON

    I think we all have a comfort zone of watching programs we like and sometimes it feels like a risk to branch out.

    I've liked Mathew Perry's work in the past but a few few poor appearances turned me off... and it's almost as if there just had to be the "right combination" to see his good work again.

    Regularly reading this site and sometimes commenting I came across the reviews of the show and finally decided to take some time out and locate the first few shows (a bit of catch-up required) to see how it started and developed.

    What a pleasant surprise!

    The first show was a lot stronger than most first comedic showcases and the writers have managed to continue to develop the show and the characters. So - to those others out there like me who were/are on the fence about "another new comedy" (and of course so many of these shows don't make it) then I advise you to give this show a go and think you'll be pleasantly surprised.