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Season 1 Episode 3

There's No "Ryan" in Team

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 18, 2012 on NBC

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  • awww love it!

    is a very sweet show.. love it!
  • Great Episode...

    for me this was a great episode...i laughed a lot...especially the scene with brett gelman...man ...he is great ...overall this is a very sweet show... i will definitely be following it...i love the fact that with each episode the writers show a different side to the characters ...
  • Staying Strong with the Best Episode Yet

    This show is staying strong. Episode One: 9. Episode Two: 8.5. Episode Three: 9.

    The plot with the group was amazing. Loved every bit of it.

    The one thing I, this entire time on this show, felt could be better is less work scenes. Though i did like in this episode where he introduced his boss to the group.

    Overall, a very good episode, the best so far!
  • There's No Ryan in Team

    This was a bit of a letdown from the previous episodes, but still had that special blend of heart and comedy this series has. The highlight was Mr. K's face when he started following Ryan's car.

    The problem is that this group more often than not irritates more than makes me laugh. That's never a good sign with a comedy.
  • Pain, Games and Automobiles

    I enjoyed this episode and while it wasn't as funny as last weeks episode, it was still humorous and very sweet. The whole episode was so sweet, from the gardener building the fountain for Janie to Steven trying to be there for Ryan, it was all great. Ryan showed he cared about the group by letting them drive his brand new car, but I think you truly understand how much they care about him when they show up at his house in the morning to be supportive. The fountain was beautiful and Lauren was hysterical on her sleeping pills. While it wasn't my favorite episode so far, it was still very good.
  • Sweet Episode

    I like show so far, but somehow it still feels a bit slow. I think there is too much therapy and less work. however...the cast from both sides are slowly starting to mingle. So that will most likely bring on more interesting stories. One thin however, I think Matthew is fabulous, yet i don't think the writers know how awesome he can be. They should push more for physical comedy and witty repartee...he is so full of that goodness! Anyways. I liked this episode aside from the comedy, because it was sweet!