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God in America

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God in America is a PBS documentary series which sets out to explain how religion, particularly Christianity, has influenced the development of culture on the North American continent, starting at Columbus and ending in modern times. Consisting of six one-hour long episodes, the series covers a variety of topics, such as how the New World caused the faith of the Old to evolve, how the notion of religious liberty came to the founders, how religion colored the Civil War, how modernization challenged old beliefs, how the post World War II era of the Cold War became one of "faith versus godless communism," and finally ends in an exploration of the challenges religion faces in today's world. The series posits that American history cannot truly be understood without examining its religious background, and "God in America" takes viewers on a journey through the United States' religious past and into its present as the most religiously diverse country in the world.

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AIRED ON 10/13/2010

Season 1 : Episode 6

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  • Comprehensive and outstanding.

    Another first for PBS, this is a truly comprehensive look at the evolution of Religion in America and it's effect on life and politics inthis countryfrom it's beginings to present times. Itstarts with issues concerning the seperation of church and state, moving on to President Lincoln and his spiritual agony over slavery and the Civil War.The impact of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution on the fundementals of biblical beliefs is covered in detail, moving on to the monkey trials of the mid nineteen twenties and the effects of modernisim on Christian fundamentalism. Religion and the civil rights movement of the sixties, The religious right movement of the late seventies and eighties and finishing with 9/11 and it's effect on relations with Islamic citizens of this country in present times. This is definatelysomething you should sit down with your kids and watch!moreless

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