God, the Devil and Bob

NBC (ended 2003)




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God, the Devil and Bob

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God is disappointed in the world today. So many people are doing wrong, not using good judgment, and God is getting sick of it. God is just thinking of giving it all up. That is, unless he can find one person that can prove the world is worth saving, then he won't destroy it. God decides to let the Devil choose who that person should be. The Devil picks Bob Alman, an autoworker who has a bit of an attitude, and is also pretty lazy. Out of fear, Bob agrees to help make the world a better place. Without any hints or suggestions from God, Bob is all on his own to prove that humanity deserves to be saved. This series originally aired on NBC but was cancelled due to the content of the show, but it eventually aired in it's full season on the TRIO network in june of 2003.

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Animation, Comedy