God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 2

Andy Runs Away

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Smeck accidentally plagues Bob with bowls, instead of boils, the Devil is exasperated by Smeck's inefficiency. Andy has been telling his friends that Bob is God's prophet and now Andy's friends are demanding to meet God.

Bob comes home to find Donna studying with Steve, a hunky young man from her literature class. Bob is jealous and suggests that Donna should study with ugly people. Meanwhile Megan sees Steve and instantly falls for him.

Andy asks Bob if his friends can meet God. Bob really doesn't want to disappoint Andy, because Bob's father was such a disappointment to him. Bob tries to get God to go along with it, but God refuses. So Bob attempts, very unsuccessfully, to do an imitation of God for Andy's friends. Andy is completely embarrassed.

The Devil tells God about his troubles with Smeck's poor job performance and God suggests that being nice to Smeck, instead of torturing him, might make him work harder. Bob tries to apologize again to Andy, but Andy is still devastated and believes that his friends will never forgive him.

Meanwhile, when Donna and Steve are studying Megan hangs around making pointed remarks about Donna's age in an attempt to undermine Donna. The next morning Andy runs away to Canada, and Bob goes to find him. The Devil takes Smeck to a carnival and Smeck has a fantastic time. Smeck is surprised that the Devil is being nice to him. The Devil even starts talking about taking a trip to Sea World, but Smeck decides something doesn't feel right. This isn't Hell; he's living a lie. What he really needs is a good beating. The Devil is only happy to oblige.

Bob finds Andy sweeping up moose droppings at a gas station in Canada and convinces him to go home. Megan quickly gets over her crush on Steve when she finds out he still likes Pearl Jam. Andy finally impresses his friends during a game of kickball.