God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 13

Bob Gets Involved

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Megan's disgusted when Donna says she's auditioning for "Arsenic and Old Lace" at school; can't her mom just accept that life has passed her by? Bob's shocked when he finds the "f-word" written on Andy's new lunch box; Andy claims he doesn't know how it got there. An angry Bob has no time to play with Andy. He's off to a PTA meeting to complain that teachers have no idea what kids are up to. His credibility goes out the window when it's revealed that he's at the wrong school.

Bob encounters God in the men's room of the Classy Chassis and asks him who's to blame for Andy's lunch box. Teachers? Society? Hollywood? God suggests that Bob should try looking within instead of looking for someone else to blame, but Bob isn't buying it. Bob hears a talk show host (who's actually the Devil) discussing exactly what he's concerned about (graffiti on lunch boxes), so he calls in. Before he knows it, he's heading a committee that will meet at his house the following night. Twenty people with twenty different agendas gather a Bob's house, and they all start clamoring at once with their ideas.

In hell, Smeck and the Devil thoroughly enjoy watching the chaos in Bob's living room. Later that evening, Donna happily tells Bob she's landed a part in the play. Bob's too excited about the committee to pay much attention. They're going to root out the garbage that's polluting their kids' minds.

The next day Bob gets arrested as he and his group attempt to confiscate Rap CDs from a music store. Out on bail, Bob has a drink with the Devil at the Classy Chassis. The Devil encourages him not to give up on his crusade and makes a fifty thousand dollar donation to the cause. Bob's driving home and God appears in his car observing that Bob's found himself a sponsor. Bob defensively points out that the Devil's flawed but they're all on the same side on this issue. God reminds him that they're never all on the same side.

The committee buys night vision goggles, headphones and an audio dish with the Devil's donation; they have no idea what to do next. They need a target, so they select Donna's play. Andy asks Bob to play catch, but Bob's too busy. The committee pulls some strings and gets the play cancelled. Donna's upset, and she thinks Bob's crazy; the play's a harmless comedy. The committee members drive a surveillance van around the streets of Detroit until they pick up the information that the play is still being presented and now being billed as an underground production. They head for an abandoned Elks Lodge, determined to close down the play. Bob tells the audience that the play is over, and a giant fight begins.

Donna cold-cocks Bob as the battle rages on. Just as the Devil and Smeck think they've won, Kevin Bacon arrives, calms everyone down and leads the crowd in the "Footloose" dance. The Devil can't understand why Kevin torments him so much; he creates one little party game, and Kevin won't let him forget it.

Later that evening Bob apologizes to Donna about the play. Later he goes outside and discovers the "f-word" spray painted on his fence. He reels in shock. God appears and reminds Bob that he needs to look within. Bob sees paint on Andy's clothes and it dawns on him that Andy has been doing the graffiti himself in a bid for attention. The answer to the problem was in front of him all the time. He should have forgotten about the committee and spent a lot more time with his family.
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