God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 11

Bob's Father

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Megan finds a dog in the park, names her Dawson and demands to be allowed to keep her. Donna says she has to put up flyers and try to locate the dog's owner. Bob gets word that his dad's in the hospital in Phoenix. He'll fly there the next morning, and he tells Donna it feels weird because he and his dad haven't spoken for so long.

At the Classy Chassis, Bob talks about his last unpleasant encounter with his father. The Devil appears to Bob on the plane and says his dad never came through for him so why is Bob so worried. Bob tells him to shut up. At the hospital Bob encounters God who's greeting the new arrivals in the maternity ward. He asks God if his dad's going to get better, but God's evasive.

Bob goes to his dad's room, and immediately the old man starts being as abusive as ever. He says Bob came to dance on his grave. Bob's dad is so mean that Bob calls him a selfish bully and says he can go to hell. Bob leaves the room and his dad dies moments later. In the hospital cafeteria, Bob tells God that he's sorry that he didn't get to say the things he wanted to say to his dad. Bob begs God to bring his dad back to life, but God says sorry.

The funeral is especially painful with a huge, scowling picture of his dad by the casket and a minister who calls his dad by the wrong name. Back at the Alman house Megan complains that the dog is so spoiled and ungrateful; the irony of Megan's words is not lost on Donna. Bob's so depressed that Andy suggests he talk to the Devil about visiting his dad in Hell.

Bob finds the Devil harassing Jimmy Carter, and the Devil takes Bob to his office. The Devil orders Smeck to take Bob to find his father. They look everywhere including the lake of fire and can't find him anywhere. The Devil informs Bob that actually his dad isn't in Hell; he's in heaven.

Bob's completely disenchanted by this new information. His dad and Mother Teresa are in the same place, Bob tells Donna; what does this say about heaven? In fact, what's the point of morality at all if a man like his dad can make it through the pearly gates? He tells Megan and Andy to forget what he taught them about right and wrong. He goes to a car dealership and asks to test drive a Viper but steals it instead and is soon leading the cops on a high-speed chase. Bob evades the cops and disappears into a mall.

Later, Bob's at the Classy Chassis and sees God at a pool table. They start a game, and God tells Bob that his dad may have seemed like a jerk, but Bob doesn't know what was in his heart. Bob isn't buying it, but God tells him about his dad's father who was a really scary guy. He further tells Bob to imagine a line of fathers and sons stretching all the way back to Adam and they're all passing down a punch from one generation to the next. The trick, God says, is to pass down a softer punch, and that's what Bob's dad did.

God disappears, and Bob sees his dad sitting on a bar stool surrounded by white light. Bob buys his dad a beer and they watch the Red Wings game together.