God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 6

God's Favorite

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

After God forgets their handball date, the Devil begins to feel neglected. Bob feels that things have been going his way lately, especially after God tells him he's a special guy.

Megan is completely disenchanted with her family, especially her mom Donna. Donna thinks Megan might be right and decides the family needs to do more things together.

At the plant Bob tells his friend Mike that he thinks he might be blessed, and then proceeds to survive several brushes with disaster, the culmination of which is his miraculous escape from a vat of molten steel.

At home Megan is finding Donna's attempts to improve family life desperate and pathetic. When Bob comes home he claims that he is indestructible. The Devil stops by and wants to know if Bob has seen God. Bob rubs it in that he is now God's special guy.

Back in Hell, the Devil breaks into tears and asks Smeck why God won't call. Donna takes the family on an outing to the Family Fun Center, which Megan finds lame at first, but eventually she and Donna bond over a video game. As they are leaving, Bob defies a gunman and is further convinced he is indestructible.

At home Donna tells Bob she thinks he is crazy. Bob claims he is immortal, not crazy, and that he's not hurting anyone. Just then they look out to see their son Andy, trying to tightrope walk a telephone wire.

Bob has become an adrenaline junky and goes skydiving without a parachute. On his way down God appears and asks what Bob thinks he's doing. When Bob claims he's indestructible, God tells him that he is definitely mortal, and that his other escapes from death were just coincidences. Bob manages to grab onto another skydiver and ride with him to safety.

The Devil confronts God about neglecting him. God apologizes and tells the Devil not to take things so personally.