God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 6

God's Favorite

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 2003 on NBC



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    • Mike: Hey Bob, check this out.
      (hands him a newspaper clipping)
      Bob: (reading) Aboard the plane that went down in Burkina Faso yesterday was a member of the Moro-Naba's royal family. (hands it back) So?
      Mike: I just moved up a notch in the succession line.
      Bob: Mike, you're not descended from African royalty. Your dad's a mattress salesman. He's not even the mattress king. That's Kenny's dad.

    • (The Devil is upset that God hasn't asked his advice for the new universe)
      Devil: I have good ideas. Here's one - Itchy Lava. That's just off the top of my head.

    • Bob: Whoa, beer makes it worse. I don't want to live in a world where beer makes it worse.

    • Bob: I'm indestructible! Now I can go to the zoo and tease the bears!

    • Bob: Meg, you love us don't you?
      Meg: I don't hate you
      Bob: And we don't hate you.

    • (God is talking to Bob while Bob's in the shower)
      Bob: Can you pass me the towel?
      God: Oh for Pete's sake, I'm your maker, you have a perfectly healthy male.... On second thought let's get that towel.

    • Andy: Mom, how come we don't go to church?
      Donna: Ask Daddy, he talks to God.
      Bob: Well, you know son, we did try a lot of different churches over the years. It was hard to choose.
      Donna: Your father was looking for one that would let him shotgun beer and heckle the Minister.

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