God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 12

God's Girlfriend

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Bob and his family are on vacation for a few days at a Lake Michigan resort. Bob encounters God in the dining room, and God suddenly drops down behind Bob in an attempt to hide from an attractive woman in her early forties, Sarah. Sarah sees God and comes over. She's clearly flirting with God as she tells Bob that she and God go back a long way. Bob's intrigued as Sarah suggests dinner that night and God tries, unsuccessfully, to get out of it.

Later God admits to Bob that while he and Sarah worked together on several worthwhile projects, such as mandatory bike helmets, he began to suspect that she was falling for him so he took off. The Devil tries to encourage God to pursue a relationship with Sarah, but God stresses that a relationship for him with a human isn't possible. The Devil confides to Smeck that he arranged for Sarah to be at the resort; he wants to distract God while they do a little mischief in heaven.

Bob's having trouble with the plumbing in his hotel room, so God says he'll stay and fix the pipes if Bob will go have dinner with Sarah. The Devil and Smeck show up at the pearly gates, and St. Peter lets them in for twenty-four hours; he's not worried, because the Devil has no power in heaven. At dinner, Sarah complains to Bob that God has intimacy issues.

Meanwhile, Donna is dealing with a badly sunburned Megan who, as usual, is over-dramatizing the situation and saying she may need skin grafts. In heaven, the Devil tells the Archangel Michael that God has given him permission to take some of the overflow souls off his hands; Michael's delighted but pretends not to be. He gives the Devil boxes loaded with exit forms that have to be processed.

Bob tells God he can't believe how badly he treated Sarah. God says that Sarah is a very special woman, and it dawns on Bob that God is smitten too. God has a girlfriend! God tells him to knock it off, but admits that he's a different guy when he's around Sarah. The Devil is bogged down in paperwork and Smeck is providing no help at all. Bob tells Andy that he's worried because God has a girlfriend. Andy's worried too; who will listen to their prayers?

At the Devil's request, Smeck goes back to earth to see if Sarah's still distracting God. He appears to Sarah disguised as an angel, but Sarah isn't fooled. Bob shows up at Sarah's room willing to sacrifice himself to save the world; he'll seduce Sarah to keep her away from God. Sarah calls security. As he's leaving Sarah's room, Bob encounters God who has come by to talk to Sarah. Sarah hears God telling Bob that she's dramatic, a little needy and definitely high maintenance. She throws them both out.

The next day Andy tells Bob he's seen God out on a raft with a woman; again trying to save the world, Bob dives into the lake to go find God. God and Sarah talk and decide to work on having a relationship, but then God checks his answering machine and there are millions of messages for him from all over the world. He knows that he has to let Sarah go. By the time Bob arrives, God is gone, and Sarah is talking to Greg, a handsome guy who has climbed up on the raft.

Tired of all the paperwork, the Devil returns to hell with just one soul, Dennis, a flasher.
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