God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 8

Lonely at the Top

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

God chides Bob when he catches him in the act of nailing his neighbor's garage door shut, and Bob reminds him that he doesn't know what it's like to be human. God's response is to show up at the auto plant, telling everyone he's Arthur from the Ypsilanti plant, to work on the line with Bob. Bob isn't thrilled to see God, and Bob's co-workers wonder who the old guy is.

The Devil tells Smeck that God can't rule the people when he's among the people; he's making a mistake. Smeck says that the Devil has a golden opportunity to do his work while God's distracted.

God shows up at Bob's for dinner and tells Bob that this is another experience he wants to have. He has three helpings of meat loaf and stays for four hours before Donna asks Bob what's going on. He plays Chutes 'n' Ladders with Andy and gives Megan some insight on the behavior of some of her friends. With God's prompting, Donna offers him more desert and invites him to spend the night.

The Devil has some fun creating chaos at a nunnery, but he's still unhappy that God isn't attending to business. Bob's the manager of the plant's softball team, and he's practicing with the team when God shows up and wants to join in. He's terrible, and Bob's heart sinks when God informs him he wants to play third base at the game on Saturday. Bob takes his baseball very seriously and wishes God would stop interfering.

The Devil suggests that Bob tell God to get out of his life. When Bob hesitates, the Devil says it's for God's own good; in fact, maybe they should stage an intervention.

Megan and Donna go clothes shopping, and Megan's upset and confused that Donna likes everything Megan picks out. If Donna hated her choices, Megan would know they were cool, but now she has no idea what's cool and what isn't. The Devil decides that he doesn't need God; he can create both good and evil on his own.

God loses the game for Bob's team and feels great about it; being able to make mistakes feels terrific. Bob isn't a happy man, and God tries to explain that he's been doing human things because it's lonely at the top; he doesn't have anyone to hang out with. The angels and others in heaven are wonderful but not ones whom God would want to have a beer with

The Devil's first attempt at good work is the creation of a bunch of snarling flowers that corner him and Smeck and pounce on Smeck as the Devil makes his escape.