God, the Devil and Bob

NBC (ended 2003)





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  • God, the Devil, and Bob A great idea that could have been legendary.

    This is a great show looking at Bob's moral complex. Up front it's a family show with God and the Devil being the neighbors that pop in every now and then. God became a little too humanized which you can see in "God's Girlfriend" and the Devil was a drama queen. I like Bob's missions and how he wasn't a dumb guy (like Homer or Peter) but a struggeling soul with a good heart. Donna never completely believed Bob and Andy and Meagan provided great diversity so you really level with Bob. Shmeck was the biggest stand out.
  • Well thought out and well made, it's a shame it never got a chance to get even better.

    This show is well thought out and executed, there are a few kinks but had it continued I think these could have been straightened out and as it is they are nothing to fret over.

    There are lots of nice touches in this show that make it really endearing and give it a little extra depth. It is warm and the cynicism is offset nicely by wholesome optimism.

    Both the animation and the voice work create a well developed world and the characters that inhabit it are rounded and have a good base in reality.

    In short, it's a good show - watch it.
  • Good Stuff

    God, the Devil, And Bob. A great show that was killed simply because of the title and presumed premise. Any one remember the Movie, "The Pope Must Die"? The religious right killed this show without even so much as watching it. The same thing happened PC blacks and the PJ's.

    This was a very funny show, much funnier than the Oh, God! movies of the seventies. In this show God and the Devil are at it again ala Job, or Noah, or pick your favorite Biblical refereance. This time the playing field is Bob, a slacker, father of two, auto worker. Good writing and voice performances, but the animation is a little bit below average.

    The good news is it is available now on DVD complete with un-aired episodes and commentary. So go out and enjoy it now if you missed it the first time around.
  • Very clever--it needed a little work, but it was pretty good. Killed too soon because of religious agendas.

    The show was a cute concept. By all means, it had some bugs in it, but most great animated show take at least the first season to find their footing. However, because of the religious aspect, "God, The Devil, and Bob" never got its chance to get off the ground.

    The show promoted a positive look at family life and relationships. It was mature and respectful. However, many people objected to having God and the Devil as friends. They focused on one minor point rather than the larger messages that the show promoted through its humor. It was never disrespectful. It never got its fair shake, despite being clever, funny, and thoughtful. At least it made it to air, which is better than nothing.
  • God I miss this show.

    While I used to watch this show quite frequently, I never fully appreciated it until it was cancelled and I watched reruns. Then, I realised exactly what I had missed.
    This show is set in Detroit, around the life of Bob Alman, an autoworker, and God and the Devil. Bob was chosen by the Devil as a representative of the world today to God, and it becomes his duty to save the world from itself all on his own, with no help from God.
    I am just glad I had the foresight to tape some episodes, but whenever I watch them I realise what could have been, and I live in hope a network more visionary than NBC will pick it up and reserreuct it to what it should be, although I know it won't happen.
  • God decides that he wants to cause a flood so that he can wipe out humanity. He gives Earth one chance allowing Devil to pick the one to decide Earth's fait. The Devil chooses Bob Alman a regular working stiff who just doesn’t care.

    God the Devil and Bob, was a short lived show that only lasted three episodes on NBC before it was cancelled. The show evolved God who is annoyed with the world and wants it to change. He asks Bob (The person the Devil picked for him to see if the world was worth saving), to help with his mission to change the world. Each episode revolved around God giving Bob an assignment to do weather it is talking to his neighbor about her adultery, or to try and stop all the sex on TV, or when God decides he wants to feel what it is like to be human by getting a job a his work. The show was great it showed a lighter side to God and the Devil relationship and it really displayed God has a really good guy. The DVD comes with 10 all new never before seen episodes with great special features.
  • A good show, but it had its issues.

    This show was a mixture of several Biblical stories all rolled up into one, put in the 21 Century and made all three of the title characters have alot of strange issues. The Devil, wants God to spend more time with him, God, Has women issues, and Bob, is so fully of mixed emotions he is a wreck. Even some really good voice talents could not save this show. The show just really slaps the face of modern religion and could of steam rolled kids faith. I loved the show as an Adult but if I hade kids i would not ever let them see this show.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Not nearly as controversial as it sounds.

    I think this show had a great premise. Ultimately though I don't think it was the kind of thing to be broadcast on primetime network television. I think many people were turned off by the idea of God and Satan being in friendly competition. This show would have done better on Comedy Central or a similar network. I think most people tuned out before they really gave the show a chance. However, the show was never really that controversial. It usually concluded with that warm, happy family, feel-good ending that most family sitcoms have. I thought it was a decent show, but I guess ratings said otherwise.