God, the Devil and Bob

Season 1 Episode 10

There's Too Much Sex on TV

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Bob buys a big screen TV and Donna is upset because they can't afford it. God appears to Bob while he's watching television, and tells Bob that there is too much sex on television and God wants Bob to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Megan wants to go to the Hole concert, but Donna won't let her. Megan says she'll do anything, so Donna relents and says Megan can go to the concert if she gets an "A" on her next test, does her own laundry, and has no fights with Andy.

Bob writes an angry letter to the network, but it ends up in the network's wacko file. The next day Donna is starting to feel sick, while Megan is working hard to keep her end of the bargain so she can go to the concert. God reappears to Bob and tells him his letter was useless; he needs to go to the source of the problem. So Bob decides to go to Hollywood.

He checks into a seedy hotel and encounters Katie Henderson, an aspiring actress, hired by the Devil to distract Bob from his mission. The Devil has his hands full trying to deal with Katie's demands and keep Smeck, who thinks he's on vacation, under control. Bob goes to the studio and mistakenly ends up on a studio tour.

At the hotel, Katie tries to seduce Bob but God intervenes. God is clearly disappointed in Bob and wonders whether he shouldn't have just destroyed the human race.

Back in Detroit, Donna has become too sick to drive Megan to the concert. Megan is upset, but eventually relents and stays home with her sick mother. Bob has returned home and at the Classy Chassis he sees a promo for a for a sexually-oriented show about to be aired at a local station. He decides to take a stand and sneaks into the station and replaces the tape with what he believes is a copy of "Heidi," but the tape is actually a video of Bob and Donna having sex.

Bob is horrified, but God is happy. The tape has disappointed viewers so much that they start hurling their TV sets out the windows. God drives Bob around Detroit, where, for once people are living their lives instead of watching TV.