Season 1 Episode 3

Battle Royal Honeymoon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2003 on
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When a Mimetec appears in the South China Sea, robot teams from several nations gather to battle it. Meanwhile, Anna and Goh vow to battle together through thick and thin.

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  • It's starting to REALLY lose me with this epsiode.

    I'd already seen enough flash and fan-service in the first two installments to realize that not as much effort went into this show as was possible. But then again, it IS yet ANOTHER giant robot show from Japan.

    Here's what's killing the show:

    -Idiotically large breasted women.

    -Superfluous and exaggerated bounciness (see above)

    -A great deal of flash with little to no substance

    -Unexplained changes/transformations, often needlessly ignoring physics (I know it's a cartoon, but there's a limit, people).

    -Nothing making it stand out from so many other (better) mech animes.

    Honestly...why does a MACHINE have to have anatomically gendered parts? It looks ridiculous. I'm expected to accept that while a war was going on, people wasting time and money to construct breasts on a MACHINE simply because it's pilot was a woman? I know this is something seen in numerous animes, but that's just the problem. It's been in so many that it has become a tired, redundant and downright annoying aspect of the genre.

    The only thing that appeals to me is the humor in the male and female leads' relationship. While part of me is creeped out that this guy is marrying a girl about half his age, the lightheartedness is alright, but not enough to make the entire series watch-worthy. If this series keeps this intelligence-insulting trend of sextuple-D cup women and two solid objects occupying the same exact space...just count me out.moreless
Aya Hisakawa

Aya Hisakawa

Mira Ackerman (Japan)

Mai Nakahara

Mai Nakahara

Anna Aoi (Japan)

Junko Minagawa

Junko Minagawa

Shinobu Saruwatari (Japan)

Takako Honda

Takako Honda

Kiriko Aoi (Japan)

Yumi Kakazu

Yumi Kakazu

Shizuru Fujimura (Japan)

Taro Yamaguchi

Taro Yamaguchi

Kagemaru (Japan)

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