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  • Heeartbreaking!Outraged!

    This show, unlike many shows nowadays, has a real life aspect. There isnt a weak link in the core ten, and the recurring characters add another great element. When I herd that this show was getting cancelled i was very upset. Its a great canadian that didnt get the proper backing. It was popular enough, and it didnt lose the network any money, they were afraid it would lose money in the future so they cancelled it. I hope the producers are able to find another network, that will give them the chance they really deserve. I can only hope for a 3rd season!
  • Great Show, Even better Music!!

    I love the show, and love the music ON the show even more, some really great beats and indie pop-rock stuff, mix in some groovin tracks, and we have a goodsoundtrack....but wait, too bad there is absolutlyno way to find out who these bands are...Any Ideas where I could find out??? Reply!
  • A gourmet dish of television.

    Not only is this show an original, not only is this show a Canadian show with good acting and not only is this show an unusually risque drama...this show is just plain excellent!

    With its unmistakable cast of characters from the manager to the staff to the staff behind the scenes in this kitchen, the characters and story lines are very well written and intertwined.

    I'm ecstatic that this show is going into its second season, and I'd definately recommend to anyone else to start watching it.