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Picking up where the blockbuster motion picture left off, Godzilla: The Series is a new fast-paced animated adventure series that pits humanity against a new generation of giant monsters. Born of radiation on a French Polynesian island, GODZILLA wreaks havoc on the city while attempting to find a nest to give birth to its young. The overgrown lizard appears unstoppable, until biologist NICK TATOPOULOS and French Secret Service operative PHILLIPE ROACHE team up to take down the beast. Life in the greater Tri-State area begins to return to normal, well almost! It appears the late, great King of the Monsters has left behind an heir to the throne. During a routine clean-up sweep of the city's decimated subway tunnels, Nick encounters the hatchling during its crucial imprinting stage. Rather than attacking Nick, the creature actually bonds with him as a bizarre pseudo-parent figure. Parting company with the military task force headed by Major Hicks, Nick recruits his own environmentally-directed research outfit - HEAT(Humanitarian Ecological Analysis Team). Recruiting a few of his colleagues from the original Godzilla. research team, as well as some new allies, Nicksets out to study not only this new generation of Godzilla., but also to investigate the increasing reports of unusual beasties and other environmental anomalies popping up across the globe. Monsters of all types - natural, unnatural, man-made, alien, regal, reptilian, mammalian, insectoid, flying, floating, poisonous, electrified - have begun appearing on the scene weekly. Is it a result of nuclear testing? Or a hole in the ozone layer? Whatever their origin, the beasts have humanity terrified and desperately in need of heroes. Officially an extension of the New York Institute of Technology's "World Assistance Program," HEAT is soon to become the Earth's foremost Anti Monster Squad. Setting up a small research compound inside a derelict ferry terminal on the tip of Staten Island. HEAT headquarters quickly becomes a staging area for defending the world against monstrous threats and also for careful study of the young mutant reptile. Besides the research compound, their main HQ is a barnacle-covered vessel called "The Heat-Seeker." The military is not a strong believer in HEAT or the value of Godzilla. While Major Hicks is willing to give Nick a little leeway with his pet project - just so long as the pet doesn't level any major cities - his superiors put their faith in more conventional weaponry. Each exciting episode of Godzilla: The Series was a pulse-pounding monster-hunt driven by our investigative HEAT team (accompanied by their 180-foot giant reptile), as they travel the globe defending mankind against mutant threats.



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Rino Romano

Rino Romano

voice of Randy Hernandez

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

voice of N.I.G.E.L.

Brigitte Bako

Brigitte Bako

voice of Moniqe Dupré

Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering

voice of Nick Tatopoulos

Charity James

Charity James

voice of Dr. Elsie Chapman

Malcolm Danare

Malcolm Danare

voice of Dr. Mendel Craven

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  • My thoughts about The Series

    The series is very good compared to the film I just wish it dint get canceled.

    I recomend watching it and if you can bring it back just how it was whithout changing the art and evrithing just continue from how the series was it would be great.

    I am a fan of Godzilla: The series and I loved it!
  • My thoughts on each episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On Godzilla the series episode wedding bells blew why didn't Godzilla just watch the wedding and give a great big roar after the two kiss to end the episode
  • The only good thing the damn movie has given us.

    Despite the film being lower than average, the show provides fun and great animation.
  • Godzilla is the King don't forget it!

    Godzilla was the best thing that came to japan and america and if anyone says anything bad about him I'll get hurt because he's the best Monster out there even better then King Kong the America Godzilla wasn't that good but the series was better not as good as the orginals but better so everyone get off you're high horses because Godzilla will live forever!
  • The adventures after the Godzilla 1998 film with Nick Tatapolous, Mendel Craven and Elsie Chapman with new allies and enemies.

    I loved this show when I was a kid. I thought it was great that there was a cartoon series that was in continuity with a film. The episodes were always entertaining and the second Godzilla (the surviving hatchling from the end of the film) is 100 times better in every way than its parent and for huge Godzilla fans, this version has atomic fire breath like its Japanese version. This show is pretty funny sometimes and has good violent fight scenes as well. It's unfortunate that this show got cancelled after its second season due to the Pokemon-Digimon ratings battle between Kids WB and Fox Kids on Saturday mornings, because this show had great potential but it was fantastic while it lasted.moreless
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