Godzilla: The Series

Season 2 Episode 6

End of the Line

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 18, 1999 on FOX

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  • Godzilla finds a lifemate and battles a giant turtle. In my opinion, the best episode of the series.

    *episode summary/spoliers below*

    When on a cruise, Nick decides to propose to Audrey. However, before he can a giant turtle (an obvious allusion to Gamera) attacks the ship, and the two end up stranded on a snow and ice filled island. There, they also discover a giant, mutant komodo dragon who breathes blue fire and lays eggs much like Godzilla. When the rest of H.E.A.T. arrive to rescue them with Godzilla in tow, the Big G falls for the mutant komodo. When Nick and H.E.A.T. approach him, he growls and chases them off, deciding to become a somewhat-mate to the giant komodo and surrogate father to the eggs. But, when the giant turtle attacks, Godzilla finds his new family in danger. But the island they are on is unstable, and when a giant chasm opens, the giant turtle, the komodo and her eggs plummet to the bottom to their doom, leaving Godzilla alone again. H.E.A.T. leaves the island, Nick never having proposed to Audrey, and Godzilla roaring a roar of sorrow atop a cliff near the sea.

    Not only does the Godzilla series live up to the pedigree of the Big G better than the live action movie, but this episode lives up to the series' full potential. Exciting, smart and heartbreaking, this is in my opinion the best episode of the series.

    Too often, the show centered more on the human characters than on the Big G himself. But this episode found not only the perfect balance between human and monster action, but it had great human and monster drama. You get Nick wanting to propose to the woman he loves, but never finding the right moment and breaking his heart. Meanwhile, not only do you get great monster action between Godzilla and a giant turtle, somewhat fulfilling a G vs. Gamera fight, you have character development with Godzilla himself. He finds a similar monster, and i guess falls in love. He even seems to have the prospect of a family before him. But the giant turtle wrecks everything, and Godzilla is left alone again. G and Nick's stories are parallel, only G's is more heartbreaking. Seeing Godzilla so close to happiness, only to have it ripped away from his is great drama, not just for this cartoon but by any kaiju movie standards.

    This episode has compelling, realistic human drama, great monter action, and hearbreak for the King of the Monsters. This story is so good it should be adapted into a Toho movie, and remains my favorite episode of the series.
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