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  • Specials
    • Godzilla's Revenge
    • Godzilla vs. Mothra
    • Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
      When testing a Black hole to trap Godzilla a insect caught in the hole mutates, producing giant eggs that give birth to a Meganula. But when Meganula turns to Meganulon, then the most deadliest form, Megaguirus.The Battle is On.Can Godzilla Defeat The Evil Megauirus?
    • Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
      During a JSDF lecture, Lt. General Tachibana speaks to the group about the history of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, including Godzilla's attack in 1954. Since Godzilla's attack, and seeming destruction at the hands of the Oxygen Destroyer, several other kaiju have appeared all over the world, even one in the United States that was reported to be Godzilla, but that claim was dismissed. These monsters appearing everywhere means that the JSDF must prepared in the event that Godzilla, or another monster like him, should return to Japan. The lecture presses on, but it is interrupted when orders arrive for Lt. General Tachibana, forcing him to dismiss the group. Meanwhile, far away in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the submarine "Satsuma" searches the ocean floor for a lost US nuclear submarine along with its sister ship of the same design. Suddenly, the pilot of the Satsuma spots the submarine, but it is a total loss, looking as if it had suffered an explosion. Then both ships are suddenly rocked by a disturbance in the ocean and the pilots scan the area to locate the source, only to see three rows of dorsal plates disappearing behind an undersea mountain. At the same time, reporter Yuri Tachibana, daughter of Lt. General Tachibana, and her news crew are reporting on a legendary monster at Ryoko Mountain. The local village chief arrives to protest their report and orders them to leave, but as Yuri objects, a small earthquake rocks the area. After the earthquake ends, the village chief suddenly changes his mind and quickly leaves Yuri and her crew alone. However, once the chief is gone, Yuri spots an old man watching them from the nearby woods, but when she looks away for a second, the man disappears. Later that night, the chief is talking to a woman about the news report in a parked car, when they are suddenly attacked by a gang of bikers who drive around the car and beat on the sides, as well as knock the head off a nearby ancient stone statue before they leave. As the bikers speed away, they antagonize a truck driver before entering a tunnel, which collapses all around them as another earthquake rocks the area, burying them alive as the trucker stops and watches in horror as the head of a monster emerges from the tunnel and quickly disappears. Back at Ryoko Mountain, the JSDF arrives to try and free the trapped bikers by blasting into the mountain using a new tunneling missile. At the same time, Yuri and Maruo, her cameraman, are dining at restaurant when science-fiction writer Mitsuaki Takeda joins them and gives Yuri a book titled "The Legend of the God Monsters". Takeda claims that Yuri should be able to find the source of the moving earthquake within the book. Later that night, along the shore of Lake Ikeda, a group of college students are vandalizing and stealing from a closed store. Then the group suddenly turns even more vicious when one of them decides to drown a little puppy who's barking was getting on his nerves. Two boys grab a small ancient stone statue and bring it back to the group, where they place the statue in a wooden box along with the puppy, close the box, and bring it out into the lake inside a small boat. However, before they can toss the box into the water, something underwater causes the boat to capsize and pulls the students that were in the boat under the surface and to their deaths. Then, a monster caterpillar emerges from the lake and attacks those still on shore, leaving the puppy behind and unhurt. The next day, after hearing the news about what went on at Lake Ikeda, Yuri, Takeda, and Maruo board a train and head for Mt. Fuji. On the train, Yuri explains to her companions that what happened at Ryoko Mountain and Lake Ikeda is very similar to what is going on in the book. Later, a meeting of the top JSDF commanders is called to analyze the supposed footage of Godzilla taken by the Satsuma while looking for the missing US nuclear submarine. There are mixed emotions among the commanding officers, but for the most part the footage is treated as authentic and that things should be done to prepare for Godzilla's possible landing in Japan after nearly fifty years. Meanwhile, Yuri and co. arrive at the Hongo police station near Mt. Fuji, where the police chief takes them to the cell of an old man. He was brought in because he had been scaring people, telling them that Godzilla was coming. Turns out that this is the same old man that Yuri saw at Ryoko Mountain after the earthquake and as Yuri speaks with the old man, he tells her that there is not much time and that she must go to where King Ghidorah is sleeping so they might be able to defeat Godzilla. The group then journey to an ancient shrine in Fuji Forest, where they learn that the ancient guardians of Yamoto, Baragon, Mothra, and King Ghidorah were once enemies of the ancient people, but they were eventually slain and buried under shrines built to honor them and purify their souls, making them gods after sleeping for ten thousand years, but it has only been two thousand years, so they aren't as strong as they could be as of yet. Later that night, a typhoon hammers an island near the infamous Odo Island, where Godzilla first appeared in 1954. Inside one of the island's houses, a group of students relaxes as the typhoon rages outside, joking about Godzilla and the JSDF. However, the students stop laughing when a series of tremors rock the house, shaking them up. One of the students peers outside to see what's going on and is so terrified by what he sees, he can't even warn his fellow students before Godzilla's foot smashes down on the house, killing everyone inside. Meanwhile, Yuri reviews her taped interview with the old man, who tells her that Godzilla is more than what he seems. He says that Godzilla, as well as being a mutant dinosaur created by the hydrogen bomb, is also an embodiment of the vengeful spirits of the second World War. He also tells Yuri that Godzilla is attacking Japan because its people are forgetting the horrors of war. Back in Fuji Forest, a suicidal man prepares to hang himself from a tree, and using the third ancient statue as a step, climbs up to complete his deed, only to trip and topple back to the ground, which gives way and the man falls into an icy cave. Once he falls into the cave, he is horrified to see an enormous golden-scaled kaiju trapped within the ice before fleeing the cave. Later, at a press conference, the Prime Minister finally announces that Godzilla destroyed the US nuclear submarine and that the nations of the world have been placed on alert. Learning this, Yuri quickly goes off to find her father and shows him the "Legend of the God Monsters" book, surprising the Lt. General with the information. Lt. General Tachibana later discusses the Yamoto monsters with fellow officers and it is pointed out that the moving earthquake could be Godzilla burrowing underground, or another monster. Then, back at the Hongo police station, the suicidal man reports the incident in the ice cave to the police chief and a sudden, violent earthquake rocks the building as Baragon bursts out of the ground. The burrowing monster knocks down a wall of the police station and frees the old man before moving off through the Japanese countryside. Meanwhile, a fishing boat slowly moves through a nearby harbor until the sea below it bubbles and bulges up, lifting the boat high into the air before sending it plummeting back into the sea as Godzilla rises from the harbor and bellows. The King of the Monsters quickly makes his way into Shimizu City, destroying everything in his path. Hordes of screaming people flee from the advancing monster, and this actually angers Godzilla. The Monster King turns his head down and snarls at the people before charging up and firing his radioactive heat ray at them. Far away, a schoolhouse is rocked by the shockwave from the heat ray's impact as atomic mushroom cloud rises in the distance. Meanwhile, as Yuri and Takeda drive toward Baragon, tourists take photos of the four-legged kaiju as it lumbers across the countryside, only to have Godzilla appear above the hill behind them and send debris raining down on them as he crashes through the hill. As soon as Baragon sees his enemy, he burrows underground while Godzilla looks around, trying to locate the smaller kaiju. But suddenly, the ground underneath Godzilla gives way and he falls into a pit dug by Baragon as the burrowing kaiju leaps out from underground and clamps his jaws down on Godzilla's left arm while Yuri and Takeda arrive and head for an observatory on the hill overlooking the two monsters. From this point on, it is basically a one-sided battle, with Godzilla tossing Baragon around, stomping him with his feet, and slamming him with his tail. Baragon actually manages to escape Godzilla's wrath at one point by climbing up a hill, only to turn around and leap at Godzilla, who ducks and sends Baragon flying off course with his tail, slamming into a helicopter and destroying it in a huge fireball. Baragon recovers and tries to climb the hill with the observatory on it, only to be blasted by Godzilla's radioactive heat ray, which destroys the burrowing kaiju and almost completely destroys the observatory as well, injuring Yuri. Baragon's death also causes the ice keeping King Ghidorah prisoner to crack, bringing about the first steps to freeing the golden dragon. After having her injuries tended to at a hospital, Yuri arrives at a bike shop as the owner prepares to evacuate due to Godzilla's advance. She quickly purchases a bike before he closes shop so she can follow Godzilla cross country as he heads for Tokyo and broadcast pictures of the Monster King's journey through Japan with her digital camera, while at the same time, the JSDF sends a squadron of jets to confront Godzilla. The JSDF fighter jets attack Godzilla in a large valley, but their missiles do little more than annoy the King of the Monsters as he once again charges up his radioactive heat ray and destroys all the jets, sending debris raining down on a small town below. After Godzilla's defeat of the jets, the adult Mothra suddenly emerges from her cocoon and King Ghidorah breaks free from the ice, both ready for a fight as they head for Tokyo as well, while down in Yokohama, the JSDF is getting ready for Godzilla's arrival. They plan to use D-3 High explosive missiles, the tunneling missiles, on Godzilla. Godzilla soon enters the city, but as soon as he does, he is instantly attacked by Mothra, who actually succeeds in knocking the Monster King down with her explosive stingers. However, Godzilla quickly returns to his feet and fires his heat ray at Mothra, chasing the giant moth across the sky and taking out some buildings before King Ghidorah suddenly appears and attacks Godzilla. The battle quickly turns into a two-on-one, with Godzilla holding his own as he knocks Mothra away with his tail and tosses King Ghidorah to the side, blasting him with his radioactive heat ray, seemingly killing the three-headed monster. Godzilla then charges up his heat ray one last time and moves in for the kill, but at the last second Mothra flies in and blocks the ray, then goes crashing down into the city streets. With the two god monsters now incapacitated, the JSDF attacks Godzilla with the D-3 missiles, striking him all over his hide, but they cannot tunnel into his skin. Angered, Godzilla attacks the JSDF with a vengeance, destroying their ships and vehicles with his radioactive heat ray and killing hundreds of soldiers. Then Godzilla, eyeing a ship his heat ray had failed to destroy in the bay, Lt. General Tachibana's ship, moves in to finish the job, charging up his radioactive heat ray once again. At the same time, Mothra rises from the ground, her wings burning from her last encounter with Godzilla, and moves in to attack the Monster King. However, Godzilla turns and blasts Mothra with his heat ray instead of the ship, completely destroying the giant moth, but her life energy remains and pours into the down-and-out King Ghidorah, reviving him and allowing him to mature to his full strength. King Ghidorah then opens his wings for the first time and takes to air, heading straight for Godzilla. Godzilla blasts the three-headed monster with his heat ray again, only to have King Ghidorah's energy field absorb it and fire it back at Godzilla, causing a huge explosion that knocks him into the bay. Godzilla quickly surfaces and bellows a challenge to King Ghidorah, who circles in the skies above. King Ghidorah quickly replies by dive-bombing Godzilla and both monsters crash into the bottom of the bay. Meanwhile, Lt. General Tachibana decides to load the D-3 missiles into the two Satsuma submarines and attack Godzilla underwater, along with Captain Kiyose, the pilot of the Satsuma that found the US nuclear submarine. Yuri hears the news and she and Takeda, who just arrived, hurry off to the bridge overlooking the battle in Tokyo Bay. Meanwhile, Godzilla and King Ghidorah continue to battle underwater, and a heat ray fired by Godzilla misses its target and slams into the bridge as Yuri broadcasts her report on the fight, causing most of the bridge to topple into the bay. Yuri nearly falls in as well, but Takeda catches her just in time, but cannot pull her up as far below, the Satsuma submarines close in on their target. They plan to fire the D-3 missiles into Godzilla's injured hide, which they hope is weak enough for the missile to burrow into, but when Captain Kiyose fires his D-3 missile, Godzilla senses it and moves away, causing the missile to hit one of King Ghidorah's necks. Godzilla then quickly blasts the stunned King Ghidorah with his radioactive heat ray, severely injuring the three-headed monster before turning his attention to the Satsuma submarines. High above on the bridge, Takeda continues to try and pull Yuri to safety, but suddenly a small piece of one of the statues falls from Yuri's bag and into the bay down towards King Ghidorah, reviving the guardian monster for the second time. Yuri and Takeda then fall from the bridge, only to have their fall broken by King Ghidorah's roar, which caused large amounts of bubbles to rise to the surface. King Ghidorah then moves to attack Godzilla, allowing the Satsuma to escape, before surfacing and taking to the air. Godzilla to surfaces, only to be struck by King Ghidorah's gravity beams, but Godzilla withstands the attack and hits King Ghidorah with a powerful blast of his radioactive heat ray, completely destroying King Ghidorah. However, once King Ghidorah dies, the spirits that inhabited all three guardian monsters thrust themselves into Godzilla's form, stunning the Monster King and causing him to submerge in the bay. This is the opportunity Lt. General Tachibana was waiting for and attacks the stunned Godzilla, taking his Satsuma submarine right down Godzilla's throat while Takeda and Yuri make their way to the shore. Then, Godzilla surfaces right in front of the pair and glares down at them evilly, but suddenly, a D-3 missile burrows out of Godzilla's chest, causing the King of the Monsters to bellow with pain and rage. Ignoring the pain, Godzilla turns back to Yuri and Takeda, powering up his radioactive heat ray, but instead of the ray coming out of his mouth, the ray bursts out of the wound caused by the missile. Even more enraged by this, Godzilla tries his ray again, but this time the pain is unbearable and Godzilla topples back into the ocean, allowing the Satsuma to escape his body. Godzilla sees this and tries to take it out with his heat ray, but this final attempt to use his heat ray takes its toll on Godzilla, causing his nuclear energy to go haywire. Godzilla's entire body explodes, sending geysers of water high into the air and large waves crashing onto the shore. Once the waters calm, the Satsuma surfaces and the Lt. General emerges from within. Yuri and Takeda rush to see her father, but Lt. General Tachibana tells her to stay back, stating that he might be radioactive thanks to his encounter with Godzilla. Yuri salutes her father for his brave deed, while far below the surface of Tokyo Bay, Godzilla's disembodied heart still beats, slowly beginning the process of regenerating itself a new body.moreless
    • Godzilla 2000
      Godzilla 2000
      Episode 5
    • Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
      The year is 1999; forty-five years after the first Godzilla attacked in 1954. In Tateyama, the JSDF hurries to secure their ships in the bay as a typhoon hammers the coastline. Meanwhile, a reporter and cameraman are giving a live broadcast of the typhoon as it occurs, but the bay behind them suddenly begins to rise and an enormous figure stands over them. The cameraman/reporter run as Godzilla bellows and walks onto the beach and Maser Tanks, also known as ?Anti-Megalosaurus Units? pull up to meet the Monster King. These Maser Tanks were developed in 1966 to defend against the onslaught of monsters like Mothra and Gaila, that the Japanese had to deal with. Then, within moments, the Maser Tanks open fire on Godzilla and a fierce battle ensues as the typhoon rages all around them. Godzilla is unhurt by the ?Anti-Megalosaurus Units? and quickly destroys all the forces that oppose him. As the battle continues, soldier Akane Yashiro panics and tries to retreat from Godzilla, but as she swings her Maser Tank around, she accidentally knocks a JSDF jeep off the road and into Godzilla?s path, who crushes the jeep. As Godzilla marches on, he knocks Akane?s Maser Tank over with his tail and continues further inland, toward Tateyama. After Godzilla?s attack on Tateyama, Prime Minister Machiko Tsuge calls on science minister Hayato Igarashi to create a weapon that can protect Japan from Godzilla, who obviously is not effected by the ?Anti Megalosaurus Units?. Four years later, in 2003, Science Minister Hayato Igarashi is now the Prime Minister. The skeleton of the Godzilla who was killed by the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954 has been recovered from the bottom of Tokyo Bay and Tokumitsu Yahara is hired to extract DNA from the skeleton in order to build a bio-computer for the giant robot they have been working on since 1999. Godzilla soon surfaces along the Kawasaki coast and MechaGodzilla is immediately dispatched. The robotic kaiju quickly unloads its payload of missiles and beam weapons at Godzilla as the Monster King bellows in defiance at his new enemy. Meanwhile Akane, piloting MechaGodzilla from one of two super jets that carry the robotic kaiju through the air, readies the Absolute Zero Cannon, but MechaGodzilla won?t obey and Godzilla escapes. It seems that Godzilla?s roar had induced a flashback from Godzilla?s 1954 attack within the DNA computer and MechaGodzilla becomes the first Godzilla, laying waste to everything in site! About an hour later MechaGodzilla?s power is drained and the robotic kaiju goes offline as the sun sets on downtown Tokyo. Then, after retrieving the powerless robot, Dr. Yahara reprograms MechaGodzilla so it will not go berserk ever again. In the final battle, Godzilla reappears and the pilot of one of the super jets dive-bombs him, but the Monster King catches the jet in his mouth. Akane, now piloting MechaGodzilla from within, powers up the Absolute Zero Cannon and flies at Godzilla, grabbing him and knocking the super jet from his jaws. MechaGodzilla then proceeds to carry Godzilla out to sea and detonates the Absolute Zero Cannon as both kaiju slam into the ocean. The water surrounding the splashdown area instantly freezes solid and an eerie calmness fills the air. Then, the ice suddenly cracks open and Godzilla emerges, roaring victoriously before swimming away. After Godzilla departs, a severely damaged MechaGodzilla rises, but doesn?t have enough power to pursue the King of the Monsters. Back in Japan, Prime Minister Igarashi congratulates everyone on a successful effort to combat Godzilla while Akane stands on MechaGodzilla, watching Godzilla disappear into the distance. Akane later declares that the battle between Godzilla and MechaGodzilla was a draw and that MechaGodzilla will get its rematch soon.moreless
    • King Kong vs. Godzilla
    • Godzilla: Final Wars
      In the near future, the world is being assaulted by giant monsters. To make matters worse, a group of aliens called the Xilians start their well planned out attack on Earth. Only the EDF (Earth Defense Force) has any chance of stopping the Xilians and monsters. The Gotengo war machine awakens Godzilla in Antarctica and he goes on a raid to stop all the kaiju from destroying the world.moreless
    • Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
    • Godzilla vs. Gigan
      Godzilla vs. Gigan
      Episode 10
    • Destroy All Monsters
    • Godzilla vs. Megalon
    • Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
    • Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster
    • Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
    • Godzilla Raids Again
    • Godzilla vs. Destroyah
    • Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth
    • Son of Godzilla
      Son of Godzilla
      Episode 19
    • Terror of Mechagodzilla
    • Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
    • Godzilla vs. Biollante
    • Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster
    • Godzilla 1985
      Godzilla 1985
      Episode 24
    • Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
    • Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
    • Godzilla vs. Monster Zero
    • Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.
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