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  • The original Godzilla movies were bad enough, but they at least have a sense of a cult following. This cartoon version can't even claim that.

    The original Godzilla movies were bad enough, but they at least have a sense of a cult following. This cartoon version however can't even claim that. Thus said, it is a terrible show. It is hardly worth watching in any form, yet it does have a few bright spots. Therefore, I will shed light on to these first. The animation has a clean, polished look to it, and the sound quality is quite good, all in all giving the impression that this show has potential. However, once you take a deep look, the realism that this show has sub-par plots and only decent characters sets in. It does have the ability to entertain now and then, but not the ability to keep you coming back for more. On a larger scale, if this show did not have the Godzilla name attached to it, it would probably not have lasted past a pilot episode. Yet, it does have the Godzilla trademark and did survive its pilot. As a result, we just have to grit our teeth and bear the ride, maybe enjoying it every now and then.

    My final review: All Godzilla related things are generally bad, and this is no exception. Quality wise, this is a decent cartoon, but plot wise, character wise and any other wise you can think of, this show is not worth watching.
  • ok that is the improved version of godzilla power hour

    ok I finds it much succeeded the animation is perfect nearly and the story makes addicted. now I has godzilla the series 10 given because I it finds just as good as godzilla power ^^ now remains more houer to only say LOSSSSSSSSS GODZILLA * we loves you * ^^ which gives it to still say than that with the designs a successful special is + animation I finds it very well succeeded and which other one cannot I to it to no more say except which I it gladly again would look beautiful greets to all g-FAN`s =^.^=
  • An enjoyable action series with well-portrayed, familiar characters, cool monsters, the occasional giant robot, and semi-scientific plots. Not much depth for older viewers, so just watch it for light entertainment.

    While I've never seen any of the old Godzilla movies, I suspect that this cartoon is simply not for the same crowd. It is, however, for people who watch cartoons. I should say that I enjoyed the most recent Godzilla movie. It wasn't great, but it was fun. In some ways this cartoon is better.
    The cartoon follows the movie plot-wise, and has all the main characters, though the spotlight has shifted somewhat. Nick himself is a much cooler character this time around, as befitting his position as an action cartoon hero. Major Hicks, Audrey Timmonds and Victor "Animal" Palotti show up infrequently, and for some reason French spy Phillipe Roche is almost completely absent. Dr. Mendel Craven and Dr. Elsie Chapman and now main characters, along with two newcomers who balance out Team HEAT quit nicely.

    Maybe it's just me, but I miss the old heroes. These days too many cartoons, movies and TV series are just about idiots acting stupid, there's not many characters we can look up to anymore. Fortunately, team HEAT are all about heroics, Nick is always leaping into action and Monique is quite the professional. That's not to say that Godzilla doesn't have any comic relief, we do get to laugh at characters and running gags (love those running gags! Poor N.I.G.E.L. !). But the comedy is less about stupidity and more about personality than some things out there.

    The series does try to have some scientific basis behind it's plots, making the stories easier to accept and more enjoyable to follow as there is some level of logic involved (though that's not to say you're going to actually believe any of this stuff could happen, it's not quite that convincing). The cartoon combines the human element of the newer movie with the giant monster battles of the older movies in a typical "strange new adventure everyday" cartoon format. While I'm sure many people like myself would have appreciated a more substantial, running storyline rather than the one-shots presented, the format is probably more suitable for younger audiences and infrequent watching, so you can just enjoy it as you see it.

    Overall, this is one one of my current faves. Watch it if you are still young at heart and enjoy a little light action and humor.
  • THIS is what the 98 movie should've been like, and there's no need for the acronym "GINO" here. This series lives up to the title "King of the Monsters".

    "Godzilla: The Series" continues where the disappointing movie ended, living up the potential of a different, American, but still great Godzilla. The lone egg from the end of the movie hatches, only to be found by Nick Tatopoulos. Covered in egg yolk, Nick is imprinted on as the 'mother' to the young G. It escapes, and later makes contact with Nick. But the military still isn't too trusting. They attack the young Godzilla, who swims off. But when he helps Nick and his team of mutant hunters H.E.A.T. fight off a giant crustacean, the military decides to let him live. Now, H.E.A.T. and Godzilla travel the world, fighting mutations, monsters, aliens, and protecting humanity.

    The main thing this show gets right is what the movie got wrong: Godzilla's personality. Not the cowardly, fire-less animal of the movie, Godzilla here breathes fire (albeit green), has a fighting spirit, and even though he's following around people, he is always regarded as being dangerous and a threat to humanity, and never just a giant "pet" on a leash like in the Hanna-Barbera series.

    What is also does well is it has a series of likeable main characters. Nick is much cooler than in the movie, is joined on his monster hunting H.E.A.T. team by Dr. Mendel Craven and Dr. Elsie Chapman (two supporting characters from the movie, much more interesting and fleshed out here), his research assistant Randy Hernandez, and Monique Dupre, liason for Phillipe Roach (Jean Reno's film character) and the French Government. All the characters have great interaction. Nick and Monique are an expert duo when doing some of the more dangerous/espionage-like elements of their job. Randy is the joker of the group, but rarely feels forced, and his bantering with Craven, and tampering with robot N.I.G.E.L. are always enjoyable, as is his desperate pining for Monique. A sort of quadruple love square is formed with Nick, reporter Audrey Timmonds (from the movie, joined by cameraman Animal), Elsie who flirts with Nick and Craven who pines for Elsie. The level of interaction between the respective characters in this romantic entanglement is handled as well for a cartoon show, and is up to the pedrigee of relationships like those in the Batman and Justic League shows. Their voice work is excellent throughout, and several of the people returning from the movie have better parts and better lines in the series.

    However, the well written humans are also somewhat of the negative double edge to the show. For something called "Godzilla: THe Series", Godzilla himself is often put in the background, used as a deus ex machina to defeat the mutation of the week or not able to defeat the monster at all. In that way, Godzilla here is more akin to Gamera in his showa series,always being injured only to return triumphant. Luckily, the human cast is interestng enough to keep my attention and entertain, and the episodes that do center on Godzilla re always great.

    However, the quality of the animation of the show is often uneven, with monsters looking out of proportion and the animation being choppy. However, the monster action is often inventive enough to overlook this.

    The mutations on the show also are too often just mutated bugs that all look the same. But some stand out as memorable, like the giant turtle, the giant crustacean, the giant snake (sensing a pattern?), and others as honorable allusions to Toho Kaiju, like the robot ape that resembles Mechani-Kong, the body of the first godzilla being revived and resembling Mechagodzilla, and the garbage eating life form that is like an anti-Hedora.

    Still, for some of it's failings, the show is great, and those fans still reeling from the sting of mediocrity of the movie need not fear the same for the show. The King returns rightfully so in this series.
  • A fresh, action-packed series that makes up for the mediocre movie.

    Godzilla: The Series is a show that I've recently seen, after I heard quite a few recomendations. It aired on Fox Kids from 1998 until 2000. (It was tragically cancelled during the "Pokemon vs. Digmon" war, I heard.)

    Anyways, the series stars a team, H.E.A.T., which consists of "the worm guy" Dr. Nick Tatopoulos, the French Monique DuPre, the cool Randy Hernandez, the intelligent Dr. Elsie Chapman, the nerdy Dr. Mendel Craven, and the always doomed robot, N.I.G.E.L., who keep track of the Big G (also known to fans of the Japanese Godzilla as "GINO" or Toho's "Zilla") and investigate various incidents involving mutated monsters.

    This Godzilla, unlike his parent in the 1998 film, boasts an impressive array of abilities, such as increased strength, a more determined battle spirit, and the infamous atomic breath ray. The series is also a nod towards the Japanese Godzilla movies because Godzilla dukes it out with a medley of dangerous foes, from the electrical subconsious-controlled Crackler, to the Loch Ness Monster. There was even a tribute to "Destroy All Monsters!"

    All and all, this is a well-written show with plenty of action and humor to go around. Luckily, Sony's been dishing out some DVDs of this series, if you haven't had the chance to experience the series.
  • It all started when i was like 8 years old. happy times. i was free and school was easy as hell back then. times have changed. and i don't have much time for anything anymore. but i always look back to this show as my favorite of all time.

    the year was 1998. i was a big godzilla junkie given that i was in second grade and the movie just came out. i thought that every one liked the movie back then but i now know that even though it did very well at the box office, it got poor critical reviews. not this show. it was better than the movie. what was so cool about this show were the monsters and military involvement. especially the monsters. they were very well done as far as design goes. i'll never forget that. this may seem irrelevant, but there are two monsters i always wanted to know about whose images are burned into my mind today: godzilla and the spinosaurus from jp3. many monster movies barely show their beast, but the movie and this show gives a clear view of godzilla. also, the theme music in this show is one of the best ever. and finally, although ben 10 is my favorite show on tv right now, this will be my favorite of all time.

    10/10. My favorite show of all time.
  • A bunch or monsters attack around the World. A surviving egg of the Original Godzilla uses his abilites to pwn every monster in every episode.

    I love this show. This American Godzilla can pwn enemy monsters (Unlike the movie :p). Henh, I wish they bring it back. I saw the clips on YouTube. It's a classic. Egh, well at least I can buy the DVDs to relieve the show like the traditional Godzilla movies. The best thing about this show is how Godzilla (Or Zilla Jr.) is about to pwn every monster in every episodes. The Monster War trilogy is one of the best episodes since it is based on Destroy All Monsters. This is my first time doing this. Excuse me if I become a pain.
  • The adventures after the Godzilla 1998 film with Nick Tatapolous, Mendel Craven and Elsie Chapman with new allies and enemies.

    I loved this show when I was a kid. I thought it was great that there was a cartoon series that was in continuity with a film. The episodes were always entertaining and the second Godzilla (the surviving hatchling from the end of the film) is 100 times better in every way than its parent and for huge Godzilla fans, this version has atomic fire breath like its Japanese version. This show is pretty funny sometimes and has good violent fight scenes as well. It's unfortunate that this show got cancelled after its second season due to the Pokemon-Digimon ratings battle between Kids WB and Fox Kids on Saturday mornings, because this show had great potential but it was fantastic while it lasted.
  • Godzilla is the King don't forget it!

    Godzilla was the best thing that came to japan and america and if anyone says anything bad about him I'll get hurt because he's the best Monster out there even better then King Kong the America Godzilla wasn't that good but the series was better not as good as the orginals but better so everyone get off you're high horses because Godzilla will live forever!
  • The only good thing the damn movie has given us.

    Despite the film being lower than average, the show provides fun and great animation.
  • My thoughts on each episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On Godzilla the series episode wedding bells blew why didn't Godzilla just watch the wedding and give a great big roar after the two kiss to end the episode
  • My thoughts about The Series

    The series is very good compared to the film I just wish it dint get canceled.

    I recomend watching it and if you can bring it back just how it was whithout changing the art and evrithing just continue from how the series was it would be great.

    I am a fan of Godzilla: The series and I loved it!