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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • A fresh, action-packed series that makes up for the mediocre movie.

    Godzilla: The Series is a show that I've recently seen, after I heard quite a few recomendations. It aired on Fox Kids from 1998 until 2000. (It was tragically cancelled during the "Pokemon vs. Digmon" war, I heard.)

    Anyways, the series stars a team, H.E.A.T., which consists of "the worm guy" Dr. Nick Tatopoulos, the French Monique DuPre, the cool Randy Hernandez, the intelligent Dr. Elsie Chapman, the nerdy Dr. Mendel Craven, and the always doomed robot, N.I.G.E.L., who keep track of the Big G (also known to fans of the Japanese Godzilla as "GINO" or Toho's "Zilla") and investigate various incidents involving mutated monsters.

    This Godzilla, unlike his parent in the 1998 film, boasts an impressive array of abilities, such as increased strength, a more determined battle spirit, and the infamous atomic breath ray. The series is also a nod towards the Japanese Godzilla movies because Godzilla dukes it out with a medley of dangerous foes, from the electrical subconsious-controlled Crackler, to the Loch Ness Monster. There was even a tribute to "Destroy All Monsters!"

    All and all, this is a well-written show with plenty of action and humor to go around. Luckily, Sony's been dishing out some DVDs of this series, if you haven't had the chance to experience the series.
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