Godzilla: The Series

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • It all started when i was like 8 years old. happy times. i was free and school was easy as hell back then. times have changed. and i don't have much time for anything anymore. but i always look back to this show as my favorite of all time.

    the year was 1998. i was a big godzilla junkie given that i was in second grade and the movie just came out. i thought that every one liked the movie back then but i now know that even though it did very well at the box office, it got poor critical reviews. not this show. it was better than the movie. what was so cool about this show were the monsters and military involvement. especially the monsters. they were very well done as far as design goes. i'll never forget that. this may seem irrelevant, but there are two monsters i always wanted to know about whose images are burned into my mind today: godzilla and the spinosaurus from jp3. many monster movies barely show their beast, but the movie and this show gives a clear view of godzilla. also, the theme music in this show is one of the best ever. and finally, although ben 10 is my favorite show on tv right now, this will be my favorite of all time.

    10/10. My favorite show of all time.