Godzilla: The Series - Season 1

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • Trust No One
    Trust No One
    Episode 21
    Monique learns from Major Hicks that a bizarre new life form was created via genetic engineering, and was now left abandoned in an old laboratory in Brazil. She convinces her allies in H.E.A.T. to go and investigate, and they soon discover that the creature is actually a DNA absorbing beast known as the Mimic, which can, as its name suggests, take on the exact physical and behavioral attributes of any living creature that it comes in contact with. The Mimic thus imitates the appearance of all of the H.E.A.T. members in turn, and paranoia reigns as everyone in the group must continuously be wary of each other as they search for a means of destroying the creature, since nobody may be who they appear to be. Finally, the Mimic imitates the size, appearance, and power of Godzilla [so much for the law of conservation of mass!], and the two Big G's battle it out, fighting each other to a standstill in the process.moreless
  • Juggernaut
    Episode 20
    A strange object descends from outer space, and merges with a child's remote control truck. The object turns out to be a being that can somehow assimilate technological machinery within itself, thereby taking on the attributes of said technology. Hence, the entity becomes progressively larger and more powerful, thus being labeled the Juggernaut.moreless
  • An Early Frost
    An Early Frost
    Episode 19
    When it appears that Godzilla has gone savage, and is now attacking New York City in the same manner as his predecessor did (in the Centropolis film Godzilla), Major Hicks is once again called upon to destroy the Kaiju King.
  • Web Site
    Web Site
    Episode 18
    On yet another investigation to the Caribbean, H.E.A.T. discovers a nest of huge, mutant spiders, which are controlled by a single spider that is much larger than the rest [this is unusual, since spiders are independent organisms and do not live in hives or colonies as various insects, such as bees and ants do, and are thus not ruled by a "queen," which is a fact that was also ignored by the spider-paranoia flick Arachnophobia]. As Godzilla battles the huge "master" spider (possibly inspired by Spiega), danger strikes when Craven utilizes a new (and ludicrous) device designed to enable him to "communicate" with Godzilla, which actually has the dangerous (and embarrassing) result of causing Godzilla to retreat, thus leaving the island and the H.E.A.T. team once again at the mercy of the spider infestation.moreless
  • Bug Out!
    Bug Out!
    Episode 17
    Tatopoulos discovers that Godzilla is undergoing unusual changes, growing physically smaller, and also acting nastier and less subject to his control. Upon further investigation, he discovers that the source may be related to reports of giant mutant termites in the Amazon Rain Forest. Upon traveling there, Randy concocts a device that emanates audio signals of a specific frequency, which creates mass confusion among the termite colony. As a result of this, Godzilla returns to normal.moreless
  • Freeze
    Episode 16
    Yet another scientific research team disappears, this time in the South Pole. H.E.A.T. travels there to investigate, suspecting a creature problem again. They must once again call upon Godzilla to stop an ice creature which resembles a giant mutant mole.
  • Competition
    Episode 15
    H.E.A.T. arrives in Japan during the course of one of their investigations, only to encounter what appears to be a gigantic ape, who then proceeds to menace the team. Godzilla is called upon to defend them, and during the battle it's discovered that the anthropoid kaiju is actually a giant robot (likely inspired by Mechani-Kong from the Toho film King Kong Escapes) designed and controlled by Japanese scientists, particularly the master female engineer Dr. Ifukube, as a special defense against the epidemic of giant mutations to plague the island nation. Also, they intend to capture Godzilla and use him for their own purposes.moreless
  • Monster War (3)
    Monster War (3)
    Episode 14
    Tatopoulos finds a way to free the H.E.A.T. team from the telepathic control of the aliens via disrupting the tachyon emissions which the octopoid extraterrestrials use to control minds [actually, tachyons are hypothetical sub-atomic particles, mentioned frequently in sci-fi shows such as the various Star Trek series, which have the unique property of traveling backwards in time, and thus have nothing to do with psychic phenomena, but instead tend to be present in time travel phenomena and chronal anomalies of various sorts; it would have been more realistic to have the aliens utilize technology that generated psions, another very hypothetical particle, which is said to carry psychic energy, and is believed by some parapsychologists to be responsible for various psychic phenomena such as telekinesis, precognition, telepathy, etc., and thus could indeed affect organic brains in such a manner as to control them].moreless
  • Monster War (2)
    Monster War (2)
    Episode 13
    During the search for the Bat, H.E.A.T. discovers that many of the previous mutations which they and Godzilla battled are still alive, and have now re-appeared as a result of the aliens taking control over each of the creatures as part of their plan to conquer the planet. The aliens soon have all of the mutations under their control, including Godzilla, and they use the kaiju, backed up by several marauding alien ships, to beat humanity into submission by attacking the major cities of the world.moreless
  • Monster War (1)
    Monster War (1)
    Episode 12
    The aliens finally launch an assault on Earth, using a powerful device to render all of earth's monsters under their control, even the original Godzilla returns from the grave, now a partial cyborg. Can the present day Godzilla bring himself to attack his 'Mother,' or will he turn against the team?moreless
  • DeadLoch
    Episode 11
    H.E.A.T. journeys to Loch Ness Lake in Scotland, in order to search for Nessie, the famed Loch Ness Monster herself. This is because the Loch Ness Monster has eschewed her usual shy ways in order to inexplicably attack a Scottish scientific institute. But Nick and his team soon find out that the scientific institute could be the ones provoking an attack.moreless
  • Bird of Paradise
    Bird of Paradise
    Episode 10
    Mexico is under siege from a mutated beast that resembles a gigantic winged lizard, which is named Quetzalcoatl after the mythological Aztec deity whom it also resembles [by coincidence, of course]. H.E.A.T. investigates, and discovers that the flying beast is guarding a nest whose eggs are soon about to hatch, thus creating the threat of numerous such creatures terrorizing the planet. Now Nick is torn between stopping what could be the destruction of earth and killing unborn creatures. But the military isn't.moreless
  • Hive
    Episode 9
    H.E.A.T. journeys to an island in the course of one of their creature investigations, and there encounter not only mutated carnivorous plants, which attack large animals, including human beings, but also discover that the island is ruled by a swarm of gigantic bees, all under the direction of an ultra-huge queen. Godzilla himself engages the queen, as H.E.A.T engineers the destruction of the island to protect the outside world from the menace of the giant bees, and both Godzilla and H.E.A.T. escape from the island just in the nick of time.moreless
  • Leviathan
    Episode 8
    Nick and H.E.A.T. go deep beneath the sea in order to investigate the mysterious disappearance of noted scientist Dr. Alexander Preloran and his own research team, and there H.E.A.T. discovers a hidden spacecraft belonging to a race of advanced, hostile non-humanoid aliens that hope to conquer the Earth with the help of a pet giant monster. Nick calls in Godzilla to deal with the monster, while he and his team try to stop an alien invasion.moreless
  • What Dreams May Come
    A powerful gigantic monster possessing the ability to discharge crackling bolts of destructive electrical energy suddenly appears in the middle of New York City and begins wreaking havoc, only to mysteriously disappear in the midst of an attack. Now as Nick digs deeper he finds that someone or something is behind the monster and he must put a stop to it, with the help of Godzilla.moreless
  • Cat and Mouse
    Cat and Mouse
    Episode 6
    A colony of huge mutant rats appear on the scene, wreaking havoc on the sprawling metropolis at night. Soon, the problem is escalated as Godzilla appears and begins to attack the rats in defense of his territory, thus causing more destruction to the city. Now Nick must either stop Godzilla or get rid of the huge rats.moreless
  • The Winter of Our Discontent
    Nick is contacted by Cameron Winter, an old college buddy, with an offer of hiring H.E.A.T. Allegedly towards this end, Winter entices Randy to plant an experimental computer-operated device upon Godzilla that, unknown to Randy and the rest of H.E.A.T., is actually for the purpose of controlling Godzilla. Now Nick has to try and get the device off of Godzilla before the person behind the person controlling Godzilla goes too far.moreless
  • Talkin' Trash
    Talkin' Trash
    Episode 4
    A new form of microorganism is created, designed via genetic engineering to consume oil spills and other man made pollutants in New York City but it mutates and becomes an enormous, ever-growing mass of protoplasm that devours everything in its path. Now Nick and his team must figure out a way to stop the protoplasm, before it devours the world.moreless
  • D.O.A.
    Episode 3
    H.E.A.T. travels to Central America to investigate their latest creature sighting and they encounter a dangerous, subterranean monster that resembles something of an enormous hybrid of an earthworm and a slug. Then Godzilla comes out of no where and save the group and they are as surprised as everyone else.
  • New Family (2)
    New Family (2)
    Episode 2
    After believing that the new Godzilla has been destroyed by the military, Nick convinces his newly established H.E.A.T. organization to stay together in order to investigate the other mutated creatures that he expects to appear across the globe – and they agree, beginning their investigations with mysterious ship disappearances in Jamaica. But Nick gets a tip that the new Godzilla is indeed alive and well.moreless
  • New Family (1)
    New Family (1)
    Episode 1
    After the original Godzilla is killed in New York City, Dr. Nick Tatopoulos insists that the military search Madison Square Garden for any possible remaining eggs. One egg has indeed remained, having inexplicably been laid in a different area of the demolished building than the rest, and it hatches. Nick decides not to tell anyone and forms a bond with the creature.moreless
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