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Going Live!

BBC (ended 1993)


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  • This is what Saturday mornings were all about!

    I loved Going Live, from 9am till 12.15 you could not get me to move away from television. The hosts, Sarah Greene & Phillip Schofield were fantastic. They knew how to deal with the guests and the live audiences. Who cant remember Dudley Moore being on the show and playing the piano with the old grandma at home when they did Live Line?? That was a classic. It had great cartoons, Dungeons and Dragons, The Racoons. None of that Japansese overdubbed rubbish that kids watch now. Phil Hodgson, the agony aunt, what other show would have spoken about drug use and child abuse at that time in the morning? They tackled other issues such as sex and even eating disorders. They would do video pieces about their viewers in My Story, such as the teenage girl living in Northern Ireland. How she dealt with every day life there.
    I wish they would bring this show back, the rubbish that is on tv today does not compare with this. I loved it.
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