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BBC (ended 1993)


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  • Season 4 Episode 29: April 17th 1993

  • In this edition, the Trev and Simon game show 'It's A Shame' changed its catchphrases as follows:
    What have we got? A big budget
    What do you win? Big prizes!
    What's the point? Quality entertainment!

  • The competition answers for the contests on the prvious week's show were as follows:

    Q: Who won 'British Designer of the Year' in 1992?
    A: Rifat Ozbek
    (Prize = Malcolm X baseball cap and beauty kit)

    Q: What was the first music album released on compact disc?
    A: Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

  • The prize levels for Nip The Squid were as follows:
    1-2 shells - Glow in the dark dinosaur pyjamas
    3-4 shells - Snoopy hairdryer
    5-6 shells - Racing System or 'Clay Things'
    7-8 shells - Boom box
    9-10 shells - CD Walkman
    Mighty Mussel - Music Centre

    All players received the mermaid doll.

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