Going Tribal

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Aug 09, 2005 In Season


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  • this is the best show and it's educational show so this is really good and people can learn alot from it.

    i really like this show and this show helped me more with my choice, to study socialism and to do bruce's job.
    bruce is making the show so good because he is not afraid and he is doing everything a part of his job and he is really objective wich is the most importent thing that he needs todo his job.
  • Going Tribal is a lesson in cultural anthropology from a real life perspective not just text books. Bruce Parry is the host & willing to live as one of their members so we can understand HOW tribes exist and evolve trying everything they put before him.

    Going Tribal with Bruce Parry is absolutely one of the best things going on TV today. We are learning to get away from reality competition shows like "Survivor" and truly learning about these people, their lives and the land that they inhabit.
    I am learning so much from this show and loving each and every minute of it. Bruce Parry was a brilliant choice as host, as he is willing to try anything from hallucinating herbs to piercings and penis inversion.(I even cringed at that and have no penis!)
    Exploration is a dying art, and exploitation seems to be what the trend is. Living and learning from these tribes is not only a lesson in anthropology but a lesson in why is it necessary to leave their land untouched. We dont want these tribes don't disappear from this world entirely.

    Aside from that, I have to say, Bruce is relatively easy on the eyes, lol, but that in no way influences my thoughts on Going Tribal!

    Love it.
  • I like the show "Going Tribal",it is interesting to see other parts of the world and how they live. I think Bruce Parry is very brave to live among those people and eat their food. The only parts I don't like are when they are sacrificing animals for thei

    I like "Going Tribal" it is interesting to see other parts of the world and how they live. I think Bruce Parry is very brave man to live among those people and eat their food. The only parts I don't like are when they are sacrificing animals for their rituals.
  • the shows ok

    i think that the show is ok because its kind of stupid and kind of good. i thnk its good because it shows you how some people live. to me i woldnt care if it was off the air. soo if i were you i wold give it a chance but its kind ok boring. not only is it boring but gross to cus its like thay were no close. you cans see every thing. and thay eat and do gross stuff to. so on a scall 1-10 i wold give it a 4 or 6. thanks for redding my revew. :)
  • One of the best documentary series in years. Going Tribal attempts to give an accurate account of tribal cultures without turning it into a movie set or making the tribal people seem overly foreign. It succeeds in both.

    The first time I saw Going Tribal, my immediate reaction was that this was something unique. Something I was not used to seeing; something that took me out of my comfort zone. The first thing people are likely to notice is that there is a fair amount of nudity in this show. Strange only because nudity is never shown on commercial cable, but here it is done in a documentary style so it's nothing vulgar.

    But it's not just the nudity that brings the viewer out of their comfort zone. At the beginning of each episode we get the first glance of this tribal culture, so far both have been cultures completely cut off from the outside world. In that we get to see the major cultural practices that to us seem strange. We also see how the behavior of the people are not like what we are used to. They can be sometimes very protective or aggressive acting.

    What makes the show brilliant is that by the end you realize that these people actually are JUST like everyone we know in the outside world. They laugh just like us, the play games like us, the joke around like us. They enjoy the company of friends, and so far all of have been extremely friendly to the television people. That's what makes this show brilliant; you get to view this foreign culture, which has rarely been documented on film, yet in the end you no longer fear them. You actually feel as if you could be friends with these people yourselves.
  • A show like no other and for good reasons.

    If you haven't seen this show, I suggest that you do. See the host of the show goes out to the middle of Africa and then litterly moves in to a tribe where he lives their life. In the first episode he drank half a jug of cow blood that was removed from the cow by shooting it in the throat with an arrow (note the cow didn't die). Then he lives in a hut with them and takes part in their daily life. The next episode is the crazier one as he is moving in with a tribe of cannibals or headhunters which ever term you prefer. This is a little off the wall but is a great insight into tribes for people who like that stuff or for just the curious person who'd like to see something never done before.