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Going Wild with Jeff Corwin

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Going Wild with Jeff Corwin was an educational wildlife show made for a school-age audience. On each show, herpetologist Jeff Corwin tracked down a "feature creature" and made kids laugh and learn along the way. The show aired on the Disney Channel from 1997 to 1999.

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  • One of Jeff Corwin's earlier shows, and a worthy effort.

    This was a show which aired a few years ago on the Disney Channel. It helped spark the popularity of its affable host, Jeff Corwin. At the time, he was considered a slightly more daffy American version of Steve Irwin. This show is a bit more like "Wild America" than the current programs Corwin produces for Animal Planet. There's not as much hunting for snakes, and more a general exploration of the animal and plant life at each of the destinations. However, if you ever catch it in reruns, it's lighthearted and okay for kids. You'll learn something and you'll have a good time. That's why we like Jeff.moreless
  • Nature is my thing!

    I absolutely ADORED this show and I still do today. I am so sorry they took it off the Disney Channel, because it was my kind of show. I love nature and the environment, and I adore the animals living in our environment, even the wildest and most dangerous animals. Yes, ALL animals are precious to me, and I loved learning about them, especially from this show.

    I love shows about the environment and the plants and animals living in it. Animals are such wonderful things, and a lot of people take them for granted. We should be like Jeff Corwin and take the time to learn about them and get to know them before killing them for "delicious" food and fancy clothes.

    I love our animals, and I love this show.moreless
  • I miss this show!

    I miss this show! Bring it back! Pretty pretty please! Going Wild with Jeff Corwin was an awesome animal show. I really learned a lot about different kinds of animals and their ways of living. There was one animal that was so friendly and cuddly, I almost cried. I think it was the trickster or whatever. But I started watching Disney at age 11, and this show was a part of me and my Disney Channel life up until I was about 12 or 13 years old. You know, when it was cancelled. There're a lot of shows on Disney Channel I miss. There were some really cool Disney Channel Original Gameshows I liked, too. "Off the Wall" and "Madlibs." I wish they would bring these shows back. They've got plenty of space, because they play some of the shows more than once a day.

    I miss this show a lot and Jeff Corwin is gorgeous!moreless