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  • Season 1
    • Montana (Glacier National Park)
      Explore Glacier National Park in Montana as Jeff as he hunts for the colossal grizzly bear. Things could get a little tricky when Jeff spots a Canadian lynx, goes face-to-face with a ferocious wolverine, and scales jagged cliffs to keep up with a mountain lion.
    • Micronesia (Palau)
      Micronesia (Palau)
      Episode 38
      Swim in a lake full of hundreds of jellyfish with Jeff when he travels to the magical islands of Palau in Micronesia. Encounter a cocnut-eating crab, witness a flying fox, and see the mythical man-eating giant clams try to take a bite out of Jeff.
    • Florida (Florida Keys)
      When Jeff visits the Florida Keys, he has an exciting shark and horseshoe crab encounter while in search of the brainy, zany bottle-nosed dolphin. On the way, he'll treat viewers to a rare view of the queen conch, the gorgeous rosy rat snake, and the Key deer.
    • Washington (Olympic National Park)
      Rugged adventurer Jeff takes wing to find the bald eagle, our national bird, in Washington state's Olympic National Park.
    • California (Monterey Bay)
      In Monterey Bay, California, Jeff finds the elephant seal, a massive marine mammal. But before he discovers a rather gigantic colony of North American elephant seals, he also encounters a find a raft of gregarious sea otters, the desert cottontail rabbit, sea lions, and a red-legged frog.
    • Belize (Barrier Reef)
      Adventurer Jeff takes you on an amazing trip to the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere, located off the coast of Belize. Watch as he dives with barracuda, squid, stingrays, and sea turtles, and feasts on kelp and coconut--all in search of the mysterious frigate bird.
    • Belize (Blue Creek Preserve)
      Jeff is off to the rain forest of Belize in search of Central and South America's largest mammal, the tapir. Along the way, Jeff encounters the club-headed tree snake, the jaguarundi, a tarantula, leaf-cutter ants, and tasty termites.
    • Borneo (Bako National Park)
      Jeff travels deep into the dense tropical forests of Borneo, land of the headhunters, in search of the "forest man," also known as the orangutan. Meet a local Iban tribesman and get to know one of the world's largest reptiles, the dangerous estaurine crocodile.
    • Washington (North Cascades National Park)
      Journey to the heart of Washington state with Jeff on his quest for a secretive mammal, the fisher. While traversing this rugged terrain, eye the ominous raven, examine the clever rubber boa, and beware of the creature known as Bigfoot.
    • Tennessee (Great Smoky Mountains National Park)
      Springtime in the Great Smoky Mountains finds Jeff looking for the elusive red wolf. Along the way, he finds a groundhog, black bear cubs, the venomous copperhead snake, a black vulture, and the hellbender, the largest salamander in North America.
    • New York (New York City)
      Check out the urban jungle of New York City with Jeff when he goes to find a peregrine falcon and the shy flying squirrel. Watch as Jhe races a carrier pigeon from the Empire State Building to the Bronx, and searches for wildlife in Central Park.
    • Kentucky (Mammoth Cave National Park)
      Explore the longest cave system in the world with Jeff when he visits Mammoth Cave National Park in his search for the wild turkey. See fish that are blind, foxes that are red, and snakes that can dance their way to safety.
    • Colorado (Rocky Mountain National Park)
      Jeff journeys through the Rocky Mountain National Park searching for the majestic Rocky Mountain elk. He's also treated to a taste of rose hips, nature's best form of vitamin C, and viewings of a bobcat, a mule deer, mountain lion cubs, a porcupine, and a coyote.
    • Alaska (Katmai National Park)
      The "land of the midnight sun" is the setting for Jeff's search of Alaska's Katmai coast for the awesome brown bear. Pilot a plane that lands on water, catch up to some playful sea otters, and stare down a powerful moose in America's last frontier.
    • Thailand (Khao Yai National Park)
      Travel with Jeff to Southeast Asia to find the world's most venomous snake, the deadly king cobra. Visit the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Siam and encounter a deer that barks.
    • Thailand (Khao Sok National Park)
      Join Jeff in Thailand where he observes the binturong, an animal that smells like popcorn and looks like a mix between a bear and a cat! Jeff also encounters the Asian elephant, a fishing cat, the slow loris, and a reticulated python.
    • Canada (Manitoba)
      Canada (Manitoba)
      Episode 23
      Jeff travels the tundra on a dogsled in search of the powerful polar bear as it begins its yearly migration to the frozen shores of the Hudson Bay. Meet a herd of reindeer and see firsthand how nature prepares animals for the harsh winter.
    • Papua New Guinea (Morobe Province)
      Trek into the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea with Jeff as he tracks down the world's most dangerous bird, the cassowary. Along the way, you'll see kangaroos that live in trees, lizards that have blue tongues, and pigeons that wear crowns on their heads.
    • Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii)
      Travel through a lava tunnel with Jeff as he searches the big island of Hawaii for the highly adaptive mongoose. Experience one of the most powerful forces of nature, lava spewing from an active volcano, and see the only carnivorous caterpillar in the world.
    • Costa Rica (Rincon de la Vieja)
      Jeff journeys from a dormant volcano to the shores of Tamarindo, where he encounters the giant leatherback turtle, one of nature's most amazing sea creatures. Visit geothermal hot springs and spend the night with Jeff in search of blood-sucking vampire bats.
    • Costa Rica (Corcovado National Park)
      Join Jeff on this swinging adventure through the jungles of Costa Rica as he searches for gold and the tree-dwelling two-toed sloth. He discovers a poison frog, hears the howl of monkeys, and gets up close and personal with an army of ants.
    • Australia (Great Barrier Reef)
      Jeff parachutes into the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, looking for the highly unique duck-billed platypus. While on the platy's path, he encounters sea creatures, insects, and the frilled lizard. We'll also find an adorable koala clinging to the treetop, the laughing cucaberra, a crocodile, swamp wallabies, and a red-bellied black snake.moreless
    • Venezuela (Llanos Region)
      Jeff gallops across the vast llanos of Venezuela in search of the world's largest rodent, the 200-pound capybara. Experience the thrill of meeting the biggest serpent of them all, observing a giant otter, and watching piranhas in action.
    • Tasmania (Freycinet National Park)
      Track the tazzy with Jeff over the rugged terrain, swamps, and cliffs of Tasmania. You'll see a flock of regal black swans, the venemous black-faced tiger snake, an adorable wombat, the fairy penguin, the eastern barred bandicoot, and a Bennett wallaby with her joey.
    • Mexico (Baja California)
      Join Jeff as he travels to one of the world's most remote areas in search of one of the largest marine mammals, the California gray whale. Over the course of the adventure, Jeff kayaks through the Sea of Cortez, hikes across a cactus desert, and comes across a rattleless rattlesnake.
    • Louisiana (Atchafalaya Swamp)
      Journey with Jeff through the largest river-basin swamp in North America in search of the elusive 4-foot salamander, the amphiuma. Encounter an orange-toothed nutria, visit an authentic Cajun houseboat, and learn the legend of the Louisiana werewolf.
    • South Africa (Djuma Wildlife Reserve)
      Visit Djuma in South Africa with Jeff, where you'll meet the bush baby, a horny-tailed pangolin, the hornbill bird, wild dogs, and a civet cat.
    • Arizona (Sonora Desert)
      Jeff scours the Sonora Desert in Arizona looking for the Gila monster. Along the way, he catches up with a roadrunner, checks out a family of javelinas, and confronts a deadly scorpion.
    • Florida (Homosassa River)
      Take a trip down Florida's rivers with Jeff as he tracks an aquatic gentle giant, the West Indian manatee. You will witness Jeff chasing down an 80-pound alligator, a snapping turtle, and his close encounter with North America's only marsupial the Virginia opossum.
    • Australia (Red Center)
      Go bushwalking with Jeff at Ayers Rock in the Australian outback to find the elusive thorny devil. While in the Red Center Desert, Jeff sees a blue-tongued skink, tastes the delicious honey ants, and checks out the walking stick insect.
    • California (Death Valley National Park)
      Jeff is off to the in search of the desert bighorn sheep. The journey takes Jeff to the wrinkly skin chuckwalla and the treacherous terrain of Dante's View, the highest point of Death Valley National Park in California.
    • Kenya (Tsavo East National Park)
      When Jeff visits Kenya in search of the rock hyrax, he also encounters klipspringers, monitor lizards, aardvarks, and cheetahs.
    • New Mexico (Gila National Forest)
      Jeff gallops across the desert in the Gila National Forest, looking for the almost-extinct Mexican gray wolf. Watch as he encounters a black-tailed rattlesnake, a pronghorn antelope, the light-speed prairie falcon, a desert white-tailed deer, the Arizona mountain king snake, and a cliff dwelling that serves as a den for, yes, the Mexican gray wolf.moreless
    • California (Los Angeles)
      Meet some of Los Angeles's marine creatures, then head inland in search of the "trickster," the crafty coyote. Jeff encounters the tree rat the coyote's favorite feast, in L.A.'s most exclusive neighborhoods. Then he finds a mule deer along with a climbing gray fox, a California newt, and the rattlesnake-eating California king snake.moreless
    • South Africa (Ndzalama Wildlife Reserve)
      See and explore the South African bush with Jeff, where he encounters the aardwolf and its cousin, the hyena. While on his journey, Jeff also checks out the sable antelope, ostriches, jackals, and lions.
    • Florida (Everglades)
      Utilizing his trusty airboat, Jeff combs Florida's "sea of grass," the Everglades, to look for North American's rarest reptile, the crocodile. On his journey, he visits both crocodile and alligator nests, and confronts the deadly coral snake.
    • South Dakota (The Black Hills)

      Explorer Jeff leads viewers on a journey to the mixed-grass prairies of South Dakota as he tracks the endangered black-footed ferret. He gets an opportunity to experience some cougar cubs. On his adventure, Jeff runs with the prairie antelope and sleeps in an authentic Native American tepee.

    • Idaho (Snake River Canyon)
      It's an adventure of a lifetime as Jeff discovers wildlife that lives underground, and rappels down the cliffs of Idaho in search of a raptor nest. Then he tracks the prairie falcon along Idaho's Snake River, and meets up with a screech owl, kestrels, the golden eagle, badgers, and the whiptail lizard.moreless
    • Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park)
      Jeff takes viewers on a journey to Wyoming in search of the feisty bobcat in Yellowstone National Park. Traveling down the Yellowstone River, Jeff spots a playful river otter, follows a pack of wild wolves, and hangs out at Old Faithful geyser.