Season 1 Episode 21

Monk Sanzo Appears! What Is Happiness?

Aired Unknown Aug 20, 1999 on

Episode Recap

Our heroes do eventually find and confront Sanzo, who at first endeavours to convince them that Queen West has been lying to them and that he has the power to put their souls back in their correct bodies. Naturally this is a misdirection ruse as he then tries to capture the lot of them in some more of his blue stasis eggs. Gokudo, Ikkyu and Gokuu manage to escape, however, and accidentally set free the genuine King Yama by cracking his egg open in Sanzo's dungeons. With his assistance, they discover the location of the Saviour Device and manage to activate it before Sanzo can stop them... which only results in every last one of them getting sucked into the bizarre alternate realm contained within it.