Gokudo - Season 1

(ended 1999)


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  • See Ya, Everybody! Nobody Can Stop Me Now!
    With the series ending with this episode it is fitting that they face a former enemy in Indra.
  • Am I Dreaming? Surprise at Sunrise!
    A battle to retrieve their own bodies and handily they end up possessing gods with magical powers.
  • Get Back the Spring of Life! I Shall Return
    The gang go in search of the Spring of Life in an attempt to return Gokudo to his proper age and although things seem to go well, it doesn't end too good for Gokudo.
  • Sanzo Counterattacks! Please Give Me Back My Body!!
    This episode sees things return to nearly normal (for Gokudo anyway) with the Queen helping them return to their normal bodies. Not before Sanzo has his say though.
  • The Awakening of Miroku - Where Is Happiness?
    After a debate between Sanzo and Miroku, Miroku decides to help the gang defeat Sanzo. He enters Gokudo's body and a fight ensues between good and evil.
  • Monk Sanzo Appears! What Is Happiness?
    They find Sanzo but maybe that wasn't such a good idea because they get captured. Some escape and with the help of the real king locate a mysterious device.
  • Who's That Baby? Whose Baby? Mystery of the Blue Egg
    They cross paths once again with the panda and reach the Queen West's outpost. We are then sent on a story full of strange and wonderful twists.
  • The World Is Full of Loving and Shoving!
    Whilst still being stuck in different bodies and in the middle of the Teralarian desert they come across Nanya who decides to help them. We also meet an avid collector of all things 'Gon-Gon'.
  • The True Identity of Me, I'll be a Monkey's Uncle!
    With Niari in need of rescue they go to retreive him and find out there has been an imposter with them all along. They are attacked by Sanzo and sent straight to hell.
  • The Trembling Debut of the Bok-Choy Sisters!
    Gokudo learns of a way to become invincible and decides to try it and suffers from some side effects. We are also told the story of Gokuu.
  • Me, Myself & Monkey!?
    Things are looking up when they are changed back to their normal size and shape but learn they must go to Horai Mountain. Elsewhere Ikkyu is instructed to gather up the whole gang so they can switch back to their normal bodies by being in the same place.
  • Temptation of the Deadly Gorgeous Sisters!
    We pick up where we left off and things do not get any better when they realise they have been shrunk to minute sizes ready to be eaten. We also see Gokudo try to set things back to normal but gets a talking panda for his troubles.
  • Identity Crisis! I Am You But Who Are You?
    With the gang relaxing peacefully there is only one way for things to go...badly! All members find themselves in each other's bodies and don't know how to get back to normal.
  • World Shattering World! Which Way Is the Future of Inaho!?
    With the two bad guys doing battle between themselves, Gokudo escapes but is having no luck finding a way out of the city. Meanwhile the search continues for Lady Nano and their is an accident with the magic sphere.
  • Let's Play Doctor! Here Comes the Magic Sphere!
    With Lady Nano being abducted the crew is short on members as some go off in search so the remaining group head off to the royal palace. At the big showdown many reveal their true forms and Gokudo uses this to his advantage.
  • The Destiny of the Hotoke and Magic Gods
    Once again the gang meet up with Niari and go off in search of the sphere. They locate the sphere to a location in the mountains but find the occupant has been abducted. They believe they were taken to the capital and they go off in search of White Fox.
  • Stormy Weather! The Selfish Sun-Goddess Explodes
    After leaving behind Niari they come across Nihi who tells them they will need to go and retrieve Lady Nano if they are to get what they want. Unfortunately for them they unknowingly eat the feast that was prepared for Nano leading to some drunken scenes. When they get to the cave though, Lady Nano isn't too happy to see them.moreless
  • When in the Unimaginable Ryuga Castle...
    The episode begins when Gokudo gets turned into an old man. They then go in search of the person responsible where they end up on an island inhabited by mortals. Needless to say Gokudo messes things up by taking someone hostage.
  • The Rose Prince, the Charming, Winning Smile
    We are introduced properly to a new character in Prince Niari who this episode is based around. He kidnaps the princesses and Gokudo finds the goddess who has lost all of her powers. They go in search of her powers and end up at Niari's hideout.
  • The Shocking Truth of the Third Man!
    Gokudo manages to get to the relic first but isn't too happy to see what it is guarded by! He then sets off to retrieve his magical sword but that's not all he wants...
  • Don't Let Women Fool You
    We are back on the trail of the race with us finding out that the islands magic is draining away. Gokudo then goes on a journey to find a sacred relic but gets cornered and needs saving...
  • The Riddle of Sphinx
    This episode focuses around a typical fantasy basis but adds that special Gokudo spin on it with a humurous unicorn and a monk who is impressed with Gokudo's evilness.
  • The King's Race: Ready or Not, Here I Come!
    The start of a new story which sees Gokudo killed but later resurrected by a princess. He agrees to enter a race for the king and meets many colourful characters along the way.
  • Please, Grant My Last Wish
    The storyline comes to a close tonight with the group entering the throne room. The king attacks but doesn't affect Gokudo and in the end becomes a lover's tiff between the king and his wife.
  • Sappy Sidekick, Bracing Appearance
    We find out who his cellmates are in prison and Gokudo has to try to find a way to escape. Also Gokudo agrees to help kill the king and also gets turned back into a male.
  • Suddenly, I'm a Girl!
    Introduction to main character. We see what sort of person he is and what he likes to do. We are then introduced to the genie and find out his wishes. He then begins his quest and we are given a whirlwind tour of what to expect throughout the series.