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Yamaguchi Kumiko, the granddaughter of a Yakuza boss, wants to be a teacher. But her parents have passed away and she is the only living descendant of her grandfather who happens to be a Yakuza boss. He wants her to take over for him as do others in the 'family,' like Tetsu, who secretly harbors a strong affection for Kumiko.
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  • Personally I prefer the Live Action series. I love the way the actress plays the role of Yankumi.

    In addition to my Summary, the reason why I think I prefer the live action series is because I've become a die-hard fan of J-Drama's.

    The show itself is great, as is the story. It's interesting and funny, and I hope that when I become a teacher one day I'll have as much fun being one as she does.

    With that it's great to see class 3-D turn from annoying kids to fun-loving-kids you'd love to be friends with. The actors all played their roles really well, say, Hiroki Narimiya, Orugi Shun and Matsumoto Jun. Those guys are my favorites, they're great actors and they really keep their roles interesting.moreless
  • Kumiko, heiress to a yakuza family, becomes a teacher and faces the challenge of teaching delinquent students and hiding her identity from the school.

    Although there are many shows about rebellious students and a caring, violent teacher, this is one of my favorites but i couldnt stop myself from comparing it to GTO as i watched the series. I only wish that it was a longer series. At the end i felt like anything was possible including another season. One thing about this show that kind of puzzled me was how her family was a yakuza organization but they never commited any crimes. i guess they didnt want to taint her image and keep her as a pure teacher. The characters personalities are well structured, Shin being my favorite, and kept me entertained throughout the show.moreless
  • Good show.

    Gokusen is a comedy anime revolving around the life of one Ms.Kumiko Yamaguchi(Her students nickname her"Yankumi") who is a teacher at a high school named Shirokin Gakuen.It's an all boys school where the students have a reputation for being a bunch of bullies.The principal,thus,hire Kumiko along with one Ms.Fujiyama thinking the school needed a woman's touch.But it takes more than a bunch of high school students to intimidate Kumiko.The reason:She is the granddaughter of the Kumicho(gang leader) of the Ooedo Yakuza gang ("Yakuza" refers to organised crime groups similar to the Mafia).If her origins are known outside,she may not be able to continue as a teacher.Thus,she must keep her true identity secret.But things become a bit more complex when Shin,one of her students,grows suspicious of her.The anime is hillarious(for an anime) and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a laugh.moreless
  • Great show, Kakumi trying to be a teacher with michiovus boys & also trying to hide her background. I realy wish I still was able to get Gokusen on Encore Wam! I realy wish they showed the special & then continued onto the 2nd season (See Drama vermoreless

    I can still recall Shin saying something along the lines "You crazy teacher" when she grabs the boy who was going to kill himself by jumping off the building and herself missing the fence and hin grabing her. Shin in my own mind was like the comedy relief in some places also when the whole class went on a school trip. Where Shin and his buds snuck out & they lost one of his friends & then comming into her room... I didn't get to watch all of the whole season beacuse when I switched providers we lost Encore for free... But I hope to have it back soon.moreless
  • {show gokusen is on channel 787 @ 4pm everday on time warner cable in usa}"I you love shows about someone getting their ass kicked and a teacher thats in a gang this is ur game"moreless

    Anyone who loves stuff with badass students you need to watch this.This show can be found on Youtube.com with subtitles or even in english dub ! i watch this show @ 4pm

    on tv and it roxxz one of thoses shows you justs have to watch.the teacher can beat ass and the 5 badass students starts to realize the teacher yumikumi isnt no regular everyday teacher so they start by following her and to home were they find that she lives in a yakuza building thats one of the top gang places in japan so then yukumi finds out and she does everything to cover the fact that she is in a gang..moreless