Gold Rush

Season 3 Episode 8

Up Smith Creek

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2012 on Discovery Channel

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  • Is he the boss or not

    It doesn't matter if the boss is 17 or 77.

    He's the boss.

    You signed on to work for him so shut up and do it. I'm sick of seeing this kid get run down just because of his age. Has he made mistakes? Well I don't think mistakes are youth exclusive.

    It's also a sign of immaturity and lack of character to run your boss down no matter what age he or you are.

    What's with the dude working 4 hours and expecting 8 hours of pay? This aint Detroit buddy! And the 17 year old is a jerk because he doesn't appreciate an employee trying to take advantage? Where are you people from? Do you know how hard it is to get a job in the lower 48 right now? You can stick that union mentality crap in your ear - it's sinking this whole country. And guess what Nancy film crew? His family was pulling gold out of the ground before you got here and they will still be there doing the same thing when you're gone.

    Did you voluntarily sign on to work for this 17 year old? Do you get paid indirectly because of him? Then shut your mouth and do your freaking job or get a job somewhere where you and the boss can hold hands and take walks on sandy beaches. Until then your job is in Alaska and your boss is 17 years old and there is A LOT of money on the line. That means tensions are high without constant harassment.

    If he was the same man at 57 with the same attitude you people would just shut up and do your work. You still might not like him but you wouldn't spend half your time resenting his age when you're given a task or agreed on an action.

    Maybe I'm wrong. Is this show about how frustrating it is to be a film crew? How much money do you people make? Maybe you should get your producers and sponsors to put on a show about how hard it is to be a film crew and send that film crew all over the world into challenging work environments and see how much more tension and friction they can cause to make a difficult job harder? You can call it PITA productions.

    I like seeing men pull gold out of the ground. I like seeing that it is very hard and I like seeing the men pull it off anyway despite the odds.

    I just think this show would do better and be more rewarding and productive at every filming site and for everyone involved and especially your viewers if you men would just stop making this a pissing contest.