Gold Trails and Ghost Towns - Season 1

CTV (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Gold Panning Trip
    Gold Panning Trip
    Episode 13
    CHBC Official Description: Mike and Bill venture out to a creek in the Okanagan to try their luck at panning for gold....with some success!
  • Camp McKinney
    Camp McKinney
    Episode 12
    CHBC Official Description: Two large gold bars were stolen during a hold up near Camp McKinney, and although the robbers were found, the gold remains hidden.
  • Granite City
    Granite City
    Episode 11
    CHBC Official Description: This area was rich in gold and platinum, but at 25 cents a pound, some miners buried their platinum until it was worth more. Some of these caches are being discovered today!
  • Border Country
    Border Country
    Episode 10
    CHBC Official Description: Empire builder James J. Hill figures prominently in the story of Border Country, a big man who when fire threatened his office saved his records by throwing his three hundred pound desk out a window.
  • Atlin
    Episode 9
    CHBC Official Description: An old dying miner whispered the whereabouts of his source of gold, causing gold fever and a rush to the Atlin district. The area still hides some treasure secrets.
  • Quesnel Forks
    Quesnel Forks
    Episode 8
    CHBC Official Description: Now a Cariboo ghost town, Quesnel Forks produced immense riches. Two Chinese miners made so much that they returned to their country as multimillionaires.
  • Yale
    Episode 7
    CHBC Official Description: Once the metropolis of the Fraser River, at least two hundred miners lost their lives along the banks of this river in the rush to make their fortune around Yale.
  • Fairview
    Episode 6
    CHBC Official Description: Like many of the boom towns in the old west, Fairview experienced devastating fires. During a trip to the townsite, many valuables were salvaged from the ruins.
  • Treasure Story From Lardeau Country
    CHBC Official Description: C.P.R. lineman Walter Clough is one of the key figures in the story of "The Lost Mortar & Pestle Mine" - a mine that yielded incredibly high-grade gold ore.
  • Rossland
    Episode 4
    CHBC Official Description: Known as "The Golden City", Rossland grew to be the fourth largest city in B.C. One mine alone produced over $600 million worth of gold in today's terms.
  • Phoenix
    Episode 3
    CHBC Official Description: This town once boasted many fine hotels, as well as an indoor skating rink. Phoenix vanished after the residents simply walked away from it.
  • Dawson Creek
    Dawson Creek
    Episode 2
    CHBC Official Description: A look at the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon Territory. The area around Dawson Creek yielded some of the finest gold in the world.
  • Sandon
    Episode 1
    CHBC Official Description: