Golden Boy

(ended 2006)


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Golden Boy

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Golden Boy is the Story of Kintaro Oe, a student who specializes in traveling the country taking odd jobs to learn all that the world has to offer... Who knows, someday he may even save the world!


    CBS Schedule-swaps Golden Boy and Vegas

    The CBS midseason cop drama gets the promotion over the Sin-City-set gangster drama, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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    • funny as hell

      this is one of the funny anima every. if u havnt seen it u really should. the story is abt a man kintro who is 25 years old. his live is by traveling by bike. He is traveling to study life and love on his way he meets alot of lovey ladys who end up falling in love with him. but they are always one step behind him. it is very funny, funny funny funny. i dont wanna stuff it 4 you so ill leave it there. to fill out the 100 words bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, and thats 100. WATCH IT!!!!!!moreless
    • FUNNY!!!

      Golden Boy is the Story of Kintaro Oe, a student who specializes in traveling the country taking odd jobs to learn all that the world has to offer. I bought this show because a friend suggested it to me. I really enjoyed this anime and laughed so much. It might be short but it is really entertaining. Kintaro gets into so much trouble but always seems to find a way to repay what he did wrong. I just wish that they would make more episodes so that we would know if he ever did save the world. I would just like to thank my friend for suggesting this anime to memoreless
    • extremely funny.

      you gotta love this show even though there only a few episodes its quite good and also quite funny. it has nice animation and a good story line to boot and not to mention the nice characters and there own characteristics and specialties and especially the different silly antics of the hero.this is why i love this show. ohh how i wish they make more of this anime and can they bring this back.i love kintaro and my favorite episode is the last one the one with all the girls are present and are trying to help the animation campony to finish the movie.moreless
    • I am divided between loving this show or not

      To be honest i perfer this show to the manga because the visualization is amazing. it surpases the manga by far. my only big problem is the fact that the voice of the main character is done so poorly it is just really annoying to listen to even when the story is great. I would suggest watching it in Japanese with subtitles, because even though i myself have never seen it like that it has to be far better than just hearing that annoying voice. Overall i say you should still watch it because despite everything it is a great show.moreless
    • Kintaro Oe is a Tokyo University student, but left the school before graduating. Although he had completed all of the required courses, he roams Japan gaining knowlage about life. Maybe someday, he'll be able to save the world!moreless

      This is true the defininition of playboy anime. This is one of the most funniest anime I ever saw. I never laughed so hard to anime until I saw this show. Kintaro Oe is a former student of Tokyo University but left the school before graduating. Was he eager to leave or need more knowlage to be honored he is graduating? No one really knows. Kintaro Oe appears to be more than your average playboy, but has a solid heart of gold. Almost every episode has a dramatic twist in it. This anime is really cool. Its very disappointing that they only made 6 episodes. This would have been a hit if they had a complete series that continues. Overall, this anime is spectacular. If you like Playboy, you'll love Golden Boy. Its really funny and dramatic. This is one of my personal favorites. I highly recommend this anime to ages 18 and over. There are no gorey scences or much of any violence but Nudity and Sex content. This is really funny over all. A 9.7 out of 10.moreless