Golden Boy

(ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Animation is Fun
    • B@lls to the Wall!
    • Swimming in the Sea of Love
      As Kintaro rides along the road of life, he comes across a women he loves, and ends up working at a pool she is at, only to find out she is the chief instructor. After being denied a job, Kintaro challenges to defeat her in a swimming race in a month, with the condition that if he wins he will be an instructor, and if she wins she can do anything with him for a whole year. Then he finds out she is a famous gold medal winning Olympic swimmer. Can Kintaro learn enough swimming in one month to win the race?moreless
    • Danger! The Virgin's First Love
      Kintaro Oe gets a job working at a family owned restaurant making noodles. While it seems that he takes a liking to the old man and lady, and the girl working in the kitchen Noroki, it seems she is in love with another man, Mr. Kogure. As Kintaro starts to like her more, he discovers that Mr. Kogure is far from the kind gentlemen he appears to be, and proves it to Kintaro. Will he be able to save Noroki from this monster?moreless
    • The Temptation of the Maiden
      in this episode, Kintaro finds a new job, working for the mayor of a town to help run the campaign, when he sees the daughter of the mayor Naioko. Soon Naioko reveals a naughty personality and traps Kintaro in seduction to toy with him, will he break free?
    • Computer Studies
      Computer Studies
      Episode 1
      This is the first episode of the show. Kintaro Oe, an odd young boy that specializes in doing odd jobs and carrying around a notebook to 'take notes' tries to work at a computer place. he is introduced as an odd person who takes notes on anything to learn more. however problems arise when his boss doesn't seem to like him very much. Driving him to work hard to impress her.moreless
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