Golden Boy

Season 1 Episode 12

Beast of Burden

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 07, 2013 on CBS

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  • Gonna miss this show big time, making a big mistake cancelling it!

    This show was an oasis, while it wasn't big production stuff like Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead or Borgias that are so luscious and over the top, it also wasn't the tasteless generic cop show procedurals where tonight's guest star is the predictable killer. It was just unique enough to enjoy each new episode but without the cookie cutter murder intro, wise cracking detective and cut to lame show intro. Even the sedate intro of this show was unique and not bombastic or in the viewers face.

    It probably has real cops wincing and complaining versus the reality but the show was an odyssey for the main character Clark. All personal lives in other cop shows seem ad hoc, this however seemed fully fleshed out. All the actors themselves were "golden" his interactions with his sister or his rehab released Mother broke my heart consistently. Michael Madsen just shows up as the father which had me wanting to tune in, now he's going to get a reputation for cancelling shows like the Mob Doctor :-). Loved Clark's earnestness and bravery that can't help shine in his rivalry with a very human Aroyo and how his success benefits and hinders him with those that surround him.

    The greatest triumph of this show is the surprise contrast between the past and future, I'm curious about this very sober commissioner who limps about, plays chess with the incarcerated former mayor and reflects before making bold determinations for the benefit of "his house". Truly a shame!
  • CBS, Please, do NOT leave the series with a cliff hanger

    This is real drama and with every critic and review of the season for all series saying this show got the can already, well, all I can say is . . . CBS, please, for those of us who really got into this series and love it, don't leave us hanging!! Please give us closure either in the next / last episode OR in some other manner.

    As for this episode, WOW!! It really sets up more drama than one can believe and on all front's of Clark's life. It will and does take a Golden Boy to get through his life and end up as the youngest Commissioner of they NYPD!

    Yet, honestly, what gets me coming back week after week is not finding out how Clark gets to his position in seven years, but what happens to his friends, family, and co-workers -- especially, Owens.

    If anyone from the series does read this review, you have an outstanding product. It is creative, well acted, great writing, and wonderful production values. I can only hope some how you'll let me / us know how things turn out for all the various characters.