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CBS (ended 2013)

Great series I hope it continues ... at least ....

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    I really love this series, but heard CBS isn't happy with its ratings and we, sigh, know what that means to the future of any TV series. My hope, though, is to know more about this shooting that occurs at the 39th in the squad room. I'm seeing little bits that may indicate what might be the cause.

    I suspect the shooting isn't suppose to occur for quite awhile in the seven year time line, plus, Owens doesn't survive, but it is an assumption and well, you know what that means, right?

    So, a couple of questions / discussions:

    1) What is your best guess, knowledge, etc as to what is up with the shooting?

    2) What does the seven year time line look like for the main characters? (e.g. when does the shooting occur, when people die, any promotions of characters, etc.)

    Anyway, should writers or someone from the series look in here (after all CBS also own, one request: Should the series not make it ... PLEASE afterwards, let the loyal viewers know how the series was suppose to develop or could develop in your mind, etc. PLEASE?!


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