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  • show good shows on prime time and rubbish like America's new top model late at night....

    Can't believe they already axed this show....

    Probably didn't get a prime time program....

    What's wrong with producers, they always put great shows late at night... we do have to go to work you know....

    It's time that all those stupid reality shows go on later at night
  • Good Show

    I actually enjoyed the show, cant believe this was cancelled.
  • Please Bring Golden Boy Back

    I loved it! Couldn't believe that it was cancelled. Yes, it's another cop show but it's unique! I looked forward to viewing it. I often thought that I admired the writing ability of the person who wrote the script, and I loved the acting. Please think about it again . . . bring it back. Thank you.
  • In TVLand, if it's GOOD, it GOES, I guess.

    Terrific show! Bonehead decision to cancel it. Golden Boy had a unique flavor to it and why would CBS cancel any show with Chi McBride in it? Golden Boy's Theo James was mesmerizing to watch; keen-eyed, quick, intelligent, and believable in his role. Bonehead networks don't give audiences time to warm up to new shows. I'm sick of being fed pablum and juvenile sick-coms (sic) and can't wait for "24" to return. Networks could learn from this stellar show. All I can say is BZZZZZZT to those who decided to cancel this excellent show!
  • Golden Boy

    I can't believe they cancelled this show. It was one of my favorite shows. There are so many other shows they could cancel. What a shame.
  • WHY ?

    Why on earth would CBS cancel it? It was one of the best tv cop show I have ever seen in years !

    Just Briliant !

  • Cancelled really?

    such a good show i hope that they change their mind about the cancellation
  • Bring it Back!!!

    I hope CBS rethink its cancellation of Golden Boy. I would DVR the show and watch it over and over. I loved this show. If you feel that they should bring back the show, go to cbs website and let them know
  • Season/Series Finale - Small Resolutions, Big Questions Remain

    Det. Clark, on desk duty and facing IA review, is working a cold case of his partner's. He gets info from his estranged father that starts a new angle of investigation. Meanwhile, Det. Arroyo's wife finds hotel room charges on his credit card bill, and brings him a duffle bag of clothes, telling him not to come home. As Det. McKenzie had already broken off their affair and is seeing another man, Arroyo is angry and desperate for a win. He's such a sociopath. When Dets. Clark and Owen ready their bust on the cold case, Arroyo decides he is going to take credit for the collar in order to get the likely promotion that will come with it. Clark assaults Arroyo and locks him in a utility room, while they make the bust. I'm yelling "YES" at the TV, because the audacity of Arroyo is boundless. Bottom line, Det. Owen gets to close the case that has haunted him, and gets a promotion for it. Det. Clark is returned to active duty. Later that evening Clark is having dinner with his girlfriend, when her ex-husband comes up smiling, pulls a gun and shoots at her. That is where it ends? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Unanswered questions: Does Clark's GF die? How will Clark's father screw over Clark's sister? What will Arroyo do to get even for real and imagined slights inflicted mostly by his ego? What will happen with Det. Diaco's father who obviously is developing Alzheimers?

    As DesertWolf said, this show is so much better than Blue Bloods. What is wrong with TV execs? When will they figure out to run a new show in a time slot that is not opposite established shows? When will they figure out that new shows deserve alternate scheduling (like USA does) so people have a second chance to catch the show and grow to appreciate it?
  • The Golden Boy

    I believe that CBS cancelled this show prematurely. I DVR this show weekly and watch it more than once. I'm just heartbroken.
  • Excellent show

    Please don't cancel, it's my favorite show
  • Why ???

    I still can not understand why this show has been cancelled????? They don't have any reason to do such a thing..... This show is better than Blue Bloods..... New kind of police story..... I hope the net work try to bring it back.... So sorry to hear that
  • Golden Boy

    Unimaginable ... Give Golden Boy at least another year to prove itself. People say they can't believe shows as Golden Boy are being cancelled. Golden Boy has it all: moral fiber, conflict and resolutions, good vs. evil, making choices & their consequences, bullying, positive reinforcement, camaraderie, loyalty, life education, solidarity and so much more and yet mind numbing crap like House Wives of___, 2 Broke Girls, Ben and Kate, Guys with Kids, South Park, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, Zero Hour (good concept-bad casting), Wipeout, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette,and so many more.

    Concept & composition, the "what-if" and "this happened/could happen to me" factor needs to be there. So many empty TV shows are being viewed it is no wonder that "Numb Dumb" is taking over, the viewer can't see beyondnothing.
  • Why do they always burn a good show!

    Very good show and of course the cancel it!!!!

    We want it back.
  • PO'd viewer

    Very good show-good writing,good acting,action where needed. Just treatment would be renewal,but NO,the have decided to cancel it. PHOOEY on CBS. It should shift to HBO where they know quality!
  • Greatest Show EVER

    I think this is the best Police show ever, I love the way it goes from older guy to the younger dude. Please do not cancel this show
  • What this show needs

    is more criminals lawyering up and no confessions prompted by "We can't help you (to prison) unless you 'fess up". Oh, wait, if they did that'd be the end of this. Bummer. NOT!
  • I Love This Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the way the story is told from a older more mature Walter Clark and then revisited into his younger more hasty past as a detective.

    I Hope This Show Stays Around A Longtime!
  • Its good so naturally

    It will get cancelled....

    Americans want stupid no talent know the rest, on their TV. They don't want to think or be somewhat challenged by their

    Countless good shows like these get cancelled quick.. Especially by CBS and NBC...
  • I love this show. 10

    What was the name of the song they played at the end of Atonement?
  • here we go again...

    This thing is turning into a cliche quest of all the cop shows that have gone before. Mebbe I've just seen too many of them. The quirk of the seven year "itch?" is unique but very little else. The hot babe detective is just some "Mary Sue" thrown in for the PC crowd. The also have the magic negro (Owen) and the asian guy. What? no Latins?? (other than perps). Getting tired of this one fast
  • Great Show - Addictive

    Found this show while browsing the premise is good and the acting is believable. Keep it going please! Highly recommended, a good jump away from CSI. :)
  • Great Showing

    I have watched every episode so far and I can't hardly wait for the next episode. Please keep this show going.
  • Kudos all around!

    Mr. McBride, Mr. James and Mr. Alejandro are putting together steller performances. Each episode has been riveting. I hope CBS will not mess with the schedule and let this wonderful and refreshing show breathe and grow. I also hope some recognition is given to the outstanding writing and pacing of the show. Kudos all around.
  • Golden Show!

    I really like this show! The premise of going to his past is brilliant. The only think I don't like is Clark's accent. Chi McBride is great. I remember when he played the principal on Boston Public. Lots of great supporting actors. Hope this show is a keeper for the network!
  • There is just way to many know it alls here!

    Yeah I get the basis of the story but the "golden boy" after one act of heroism DEMANDS a spot on the murder task force. He makes mistakes after mistakes and the other characters roll their eyes and get disgusted. The kid don't want to learn! He thinks he should be running the joint. The show is slow and I always know what to expect in the next scene. Old Golden is getting yelled at. Cocky little bastard,
  • OMG, now we know what happened to Jed Harper!

    He ditched his freaky-ass murderous ghosts, moved to NYC, lost his accent, and became the hottest cop ever! Sorry, I had to get that out. Moving on...

    This show is pretty good so far (I'm basing this off of the first 3 episodes). It's a little edgier than most of CBSs somewhat lame repertoire of cop shows (This means you CSI and NCIS franchises). I'm a little put off by the gimicky nature of the past/present framed narrative thing, but it's mildly interesting to pick up clues to what's going to happen to him from what he says/does 7 years ahead, so I'll roll with it. Also, the cast is pretty solid. I kind of like that there's a political vibe to the show that adds a lot of tension to what would otherwise be just a run of the mill procedural. I love the juvenile and yet creepily high stakes back stabbing going on between Arroyo and Clark.

    Anyway, from what I can tell, if you like the first episode then you'll like the rest of them too so it's worth at least checking out one episode to judge for yourself.
  • Great new show!

    I am officially in love with this show, it is interesting, with great story and awesome characters, especially the main character, he is so charismatic, I hope for many more seasons. :)
  • So far so good!

    I'm quite enjoying this show so far! The dynamics between past and present (or present and future, whichever way to view it) is intriguing, not to mention a well rounded cast of characters.
  • Good and exciting start!

    I'm usually not so into crime shows but this inthrilled me and I can't wait for more!

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